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Discussion about his vaccination status: is Harald Schmidt flying from the “dream ship”?

Discussion about his vaccination status: is Harald Schmidt flying from the

Updated on 01/14/2022 05:59 PM

  • Does Harald Schmidt have to leave the “Dream Ship”?
  • The entertainer recently caused confusion with inaccurate information about his vaccination status.
  • The broadcaster ZDF, where the “dream ship” runs, says very clearly: If you want to play, you have to be boosted.
  • You can find more TV & streaming news hereA new episode of the “dream ship” filmed to be broadcast at Easter. Loud RND However, one person is not there who was usually on board and has held the role of cruise director Oskar Schifferle since 2009: Harold Schmidt.Does TV entertainer Harald Schmidt even have to leave the “dream ship” entirely? This fate could await the 64-year-old, how RTL reported. The reason: Schmidt had recently at least caused confusion with statements about his vaccination status – it was not clear from them whether the actor was vaccinated or not. Now put that ZDF, where the “dream ship” can be seen, loud RTL clear: nobody is allowed to go on board without a full vaccination, not even Harald Schmidt.

    Will Harald Schmidt be back on board for the “Traumschiff” episodes at Christmas?

    But how did Schmidt’s confusing statements come about in the first place? This one had with the “New Zurich newspaperConducted an interview in early January. In it, the interviewer said to Schmidt: “We are not allowed to meet in the hotel because you are neither vaccinated nor recovered.” Schmidt in turn replied: “You just say that I’m not vaccinated, and I’ll leave it like that. In the meantime, I’ve thought about an Olaf Scholz formulation: ‘I’m well on the way to fulfilling 2G.’ That leaves everything open. I don’t want to say more about it, otherwise there’ll be something on the aluminum hat.” 2G is not enough on the “dream ship”. “Since the beginning of December, the cruise company Phoenix-Reisen has had a regulation for all participants in a cruise that all passengers are inclusive Ship’s crew must be fully vaccinated,” says ZDF, according to RTL. A booster is also required. “Since the beginning of January, the regulation has been extended to include the third vaccination (booster) and applies to all people who board a cruise ship.” ZDF said further to RTL: “Embarkation by the local authorities can only take place if all requirements are met and documented: fully vaccinated, PCR test.” A press spokeswoman from ZDF said at the request of RND why Schmidt was not in the current shooting it is: “Harald Schmidt’s role is not provided in the script.” Whether he is for the further consequences, which is traditional Christmas and New Year, is back on board, according to RND, she could not answer. Sources:

  • rtl.de: After discussing statements about his vaccination status: dream ship ban for Harald Schmidt?
  • RND.de: “Traumschiff” only shoots with boosters: is Harald Schmidt on board?

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