Home Business & Finance DHL: THAT’S WHY messengers don’t deliver packages to the door

DHL: THAT’S WHY messengers don’t deliver packages to the door

DHL: THAT'S WHY messengers don't deliver packages to the door

DHL clarifies: THAT’S WHY messengers don’t bring parcels to the door

Deutsche Post: Parcel didn’t arrive – what you have to do now Deutsche Post: Parcel didn’t arrive – what you have to do now Many people know the annoyance. Have you ordered something, but the package hasn’t arrived and you don’t have a notification in your mailbox? Then your hands are not tied. Show description Has this ever happened to you: The messenger from DHL didn’t bring the package to your front door and you had to pick it up downstairs? A customer is now quite upset about this… For example, you ordered something on the Internet and now you are longingly waiting for your package to arrive. And then the moment finally came: The Messenger of DHL sounds at your front door! Of course you jump up immediately and accept it beaming with joy.

DHL: THAT’S WHY the messengers don’t bring the packages to the door

But what if the courier doesn’t bring it to your front door? A DHL customer was quite upset about this on Facebook – more specifically, it was about his father. And DHL responded promptly to the complaint. DHL: Why don’t couriers bring the delivery to the front door? (Iconic image) Photo: IMAGO / Michael Gstettenbauer “Why don’t the parcel carriers bring the parcels to the front door anymore? My 83-year-old father always has to carry the packages up to the third floor,” complains a man in a DHL Facebook post. —————— This is Deutsche Post DHL Group:

  • Post and parcel service providers as well as providers of international express, forwarding, e-commerce and supply chain management services
  • From 1998 to 2002 gradual acquisition of DHL by Deutsche Post AG
  • Group with around 550,000 employees in 220 countries
  • 66.8 billion euros in sales in 2020
  • ——————-

    DHL: You complain and get a direct response from the company

    And the company provided an answer that should also be of interest to other DHL customers. “Currently, contact between our delivery staff and customers should of course be largely avoided. For security reasons, some couriers ask for pickup at the front door. The deliverer rings the bell, says so and then confirms delivery of the shipment,” writes DHL.

    DHL: Because of Corona, packages are not always delivered directly to the front door

    “But if the recipient is unable to collect the goods at their front door or the parcels are blocking their way, the shipment must be handed over to their front door – taking all current security measures into account,” adds DHL. —————— More topics about DHL: Next time, if you so you don’t get your long-awaited package delivered to your door, do you know why… (cf)

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