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Demos in Hamburg: What is (not) going on on Saturday

Ein Teilnehmer einer Demonstration von Corona-Impfgegnern hält ein Transparent mit den Aufschrift „Mein Körper, meine Entscheidung!“. (Archivfoto)

Several rallies by opponents of corona measures and counter-demonstrations were registered in Hamburg on Saturday. By far the largest gathering of opponents of vaccination, to which up to 15,000 participants were expected, must not take place after a ban by the police, which was also confirmed by the Hamburg Administrative Court on Friday.

Hamburg: Court confirms demo ban

A possible appeal by the applicant against the decision before the Higher Administrative Court was initially not available. The police had forbidden the meeting because experience had shown that it could not be assumed that all participants would comply with the mask and distance requirements. Start your day well informed: Every morning at 7 a.m., the MOPO news alarm clock provides you with the most important reports of the day from Hamburg and the north, from HSV and FC St. Pauli directly by e-mail. Click here and subscribe for free.Regardless of the ban, a meeting originally planned as a counter-demonstration is to take place under the motto “Solidarity and education instead of conspiracy ideologies”.

Counter-demo in Hamburg should take place

“We will definitely take to the streets,” said the Hamburg alliance against the right, which claims to be supported by more than 100 organizations and groups, including the parliamentary groups of the Greens and Left, the GEW state association in Hamburg and Fridays for Futures.You might also be interested in: Comment: Hey lateral thinkers, the demo ban is no reason to cry. The police will look at the demonstration as a whole, said a spokesman. “And of course we also have an eye on whether the prohibition order is being adhered to.” (dpa)

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