Home Business & Finance DeepWay electric truck drives autonomously to level 4

DeepWay electric truck drives autonomously to level 4

DeepWay electric truck drives autonomously to level 4

In China, Baidu and Lionbridge are showing the study of an autonomously driving electric truck with a removable battery under the DeepWay brand. The design comes from Pininfarina. Baidu, Google’s Chinese counterpart, has been developing autonomous driving technologies for several years. They should also be used in the commercial vehicle sector. Under the Baidu brand DeepWay, the company has now presented a self-driving truck developed jointly with the technology group Lionbridge. The Shanghai branch of the design company Pininfarina is responsible for the lines of the semitrailer.

450 kWh removable battery

Eleven cameras, microwave radar sensors and lidar technology should enable autonomous driving. The truck’s artificial eyes should be able to look more than a kilometer into the distance in order to prepare driving maneuvers with this information. The software on board the vehicle can convert information from the sensors and cameras into actions, such as braking or steering interventions, in 100 milliseconds. A 450 kWh battery should enable a range of 300 kilometers to the next charging stop, even with maximum utilization of a total weight of 49 tons. In order to avoid long downtimes in delivery traffic, the battery pack can also be replaced within six minutes. The futuristic cockpit of the design study consists of large displays, also for showing images from cameras instead of the exterior mirrors. A head-up display reflects driving-related information onto the windshield. Intelligent voice control should also make everyday life easier for the truck driver. The steering wheel and pedals are still on board so that the driver can intervene if necessary in the Level 4 autonomous truck. The companies involved in the construction have not yet revealed whether and when the self-driving electric truck from DeepWay will go into series production.

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The tech companies Baidu and Lionbridge are developing an autonomously driving electric truck. Pininfarina is responsible for the design. The 450 kWh battery can be replaced in six minutes.

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