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Dating apps in the Netherlands can accept payments outside of the app store

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Apple now allows dating app operators in the Netherlands to accept payments outside of the app store. The company is thus responding to an order from the Dutch competition authority ACM. This had demanded this step from Apple and otherwise threatened fines worth millions. However, Apple also imposes some requirements on the providers.
Apple responds to pressure from Dutch competition regulators. The regulatory authority ACM had decided that Apple must give the operators of some apps the option of accepting payments from outside the app store. In concrete terms, the operators of dating apps should also be allowed to use alternatives to iTunes, as we reported in an earlier report. The authority had granted Apple a period of three weeks to implement the order, which has now expired. In the event of non-compliance, she set a penalty of five million euros a week.

Apple responds to claims

That was probably a little too expensive for Apple. The company said in a statement that it would respond to the order. Dating app operators could now also make payments using their own payment systems. However, Apple once again emphasized its own conviction that this decision was not for the benefit of customers. According to Apple, the operators would now have to take responsibility for the proper handling of processes such as complaints and payment security. It’s the first case so far in which Apple has so openly submitted to pressure from a regulatory authority. —–
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