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CUREVAC – A chart of horror

CUREVAC - A chart of horror

At the beginning of the pandemic, Curevac was seen as a beacon of hope. They didn’t want to be the first to make a vaccine against Covid-19, but they wanted to make the best. However, this failed. The share price has developed accordingly. On December 10, 2020, the stock marked its current all-time high at $151.80. After that, the value initially ran sideways, before the first strong crash occurred in mid-June 2021. Although the value has partially recovered from this, as of August 26 the stock has more or less only one direction – and that is down. Already in November 2021 there were new all-time lows. There has been a series of new lows since December 28th. Yesterday the value marked its current all-time low of USD 26.96. A new agreement between the investment company Dievini of the SAP founder Hopp and the KfW bank was published today. According to this, the investment company may sell shares worth up to EUR 450 million until mid-August. Previously, the agreed limit was EUR 250 million. This could put further pressure on the share price, or at least prevent significant recoveries.

Hands off!

The chart of the Curevac share is horrible. A huge SKS formation can be seen here. This suggests prices of around USD 15. A recovery towards USD 36.15 would not change that. A medium-term buy signal would only be given after the formation of a bottom formation, which is not even recognizable or if it breaks out above USD 50.09. Then a recovery towards USD 90-95 would be possible. So even such a signal is very far away. Conclusion: The chart of the Curevac share makes a horrible impression. Apart from possible short-term rebound trades, the stock is far from worth investing in. Also worth reading: BEYOND MEAT – Are the cops finally back? DEUTSCHE POST – will that go wrong? WACKER CHEMIE – Preliminary figures boost the CureVac share

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