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Crypto market report: How Bitcoin, Litecoin & Co. are developing on the crypto market today | news

Krypto-Marktbericht: So entwickeln sich Bitcoin, Litecoin & Co. heute am Kryptomarkt

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Bitcoin price fell on Friday. At midday, bitcoin fell to $41,950.28 after trading at $42,543.01 the previous day. Bitcoin Cash is trading at $380.98. The day before, Bitcoin Cash was still at $377.91. Do you want to invest in Bitcoin? We will explain the possibilities to you
Here you can easily buy and sell bitcoin The Ethereum course shows lighter compared to the previous day. Ethereum is currently worth $3,211.08. Yesterday the price was 3,242.70 US dollars. The Litecoin price rose to 138.49 US dollars compared to the previous day. Here $ 136.49 was still on the price board. Today the Ripple price fell to $ 0.7604. With that, Ripple slipped below the previous day’s level of $0.7680. Cardano continued to trade sideways at $1.237 on Friday. The price had already been traded at 1.238 US dollars the previous day. The Monero is worth 218.32 US dollars on Friday. The Monero course fell compared to the previous day when it was still at 223.15 US dollars. The IOTA course is presented with a red sign compared to the previous day. Most recently, the IOTA was at $ 1.110. The course of the digital currency Verge was reported with little movement at $ 0.0137 on Friday. The previous day it was already at $0.0139. Stellar price went down to $0.2643. The price had stood at 0.2704 US dollars the day before. Today the NEM price oscillated around the 0.1156 US dollar mark. This put the NEM price at about the same level as the previous day when the NEM cost $0.1150. The Dash price ranks at $141.72. The day before, the dash was still at $ 141.28. The NEO course was at $ 23.72 on Friday. The NEO price climbed above the previous day’s level of 23.63 US dollars.Redaktion finanzen.netImage sources: Stanislav Duben / Shutterstock.com, Wit Olszewski / Shutterstock.com

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