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Cloud gaming: “Fortnite” returns via GeForce Now on iOS

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A year and a half after being sacked, “Fortnite” is about to return to iOS devices – at least indirectly. The Battle Royale shooter will be playable in the beta of the GeForce Now cloud gaming service from next week, operator Nvidia announced. This will make “Fortnite” playable on iPhones and iPads for the first time since it was provoked to be kicked out in summer 2020. However, the title does not run natively on Apple devices, but is streamed from Nvidia servers. As is usual with cloud gaming, you have to expect latency and image artifacts depending on the internet connection.

Nvidia streams the mobile version of “Fortnite”, which has been optimized for touch controls. On Android, on the other hand, only the desktop version of “Fortnite” was available via GeForce Now. That will also change next week for beta participants, promises Nvidia. Then Android users will also be able to play the touch version of “Fortnite” via GeForce Now. Alternatively, you can install the “Fortnite” app on Android devices directly from external stores; this option is not available on iOS. You can sign up for the GeForce Now closed beta on iOS and Android on Nvidia’s website. The prerequisite is an Nvidia account and a subscription to GeForce Now – optionally a free one. However, there is no guarantee that you will be admitted to the beta. “Fortnite” was dropped from the Apple and Google app stores in the summer of 2020 after developer Epic Games had provoked the ejection with an alternative payment method. Since then, Apple, Google and Epic Games have been fighting in court over app store commissions. In a first judgment, the judge responsible for Apple decided that the company was not a “monopolist violating antitrust law”. However, certain app store rules are anti-competitive and need to be removed to give customers more choice and ensure competition. See also: (dahe) Home

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