Home Sports BVB: The truth about Erling Haaland’s anger interview – Bundesliga

BVB: The truth about Erling Haaland’s anger interview – Bundesliga

BVB: The truth about Erling Haaland's anger interview - Bundesliga

handkerchiefs out! BVB superstar Erling Haaland (21) feels pressured by the Dortmund bosses and pushed to make a future decision. One can almost get the impression that the jungle camp will be produced in Dortmund this year…Anyone who really continues to believe in a random escalation in Haaland’s attack interview on the local Fjord broadcaster “viaplay” can expect the Queen’s dirty child, Prince Andrew (61), as a new James Bond actor. It honors the BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (62) when he tries to get in front of Haaland and oracles that Erling “was a little frustrated” after the 5-1 win over Freiburg because of a yellow card. The Dortmund maker will definitely not believe this theory…
The interview with compatriot, ex-professional and family friend Jan Age Fjortoft (55) was staged and orchestrated. Of course, Haaland went into the game with the aim of sending this message after the final whistle. His intention: admonish the BVB bosses and signal the potential buyer clubs that the ultimate Erling sale has finally begun.
The fact that Haaland communicates with his superiors via TV on this highly explosive topic gives a deep insight. The appearance is nothing more than a provocation by his employer. It can now be doubted that there will be any open-ended negotiations between BVB and the Haaland clan. Which means that the pressure issue may never be finally resolved… Erling Haaland celebrates with his friend BellinghamPhoto: Martin Meissner / AP Was it Watzke and his managers Michael Zorc (59) and Sebastian Kehl (41) that Haaland made a decision too early asked for or against and put too much pressure on him? Or hasn’t there been a hell of a lot of ATÜ on the Haaland boiler since April 2021? As a reminder: At that time, star consultant Mino Raiola (54) undertook a promotional PR tour to top clubs in Spain and England with Haaland’s father Alf-Inge…The truth is: Dortmund and Haaland will separate. Since Haaland’s plain text interview (you could almost celebrate him again for so much courage) 95 percent this summer.

As sad as the loss of this mega goalscorer and guy for BVB and the Bundesliga is. The truth is also: Dortmund have replaced Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Dembélé or Sancho. Dortmund will also adequately replace Haaland! After all, the biggest BVB strength of the last 15 years is the transfer business! Clever scouting, cheap shopping. Shape players into world stars, sell them at high profits. A functioning business model that is the envy of Borussia across Europe. And yet there are problems… As soon as the stars in Dortmund go through the roof, they want to leave faster and faster. Do you want to get the big bucks from one of the top clubs in England or Spain? That was the case with Aubameyang, with Dembélé and also with Sancho. Haaland is the next superstar who has been seized by the urge to flee. Annual salaries of 20 million euros plus X are standard for the world elite. A flight altitude that only Bavaria in Germany can keep up with. The result: nine championship titles in a row.
The example of Haaland shows again relentlessly: BVB is just a training club and instantaneous heater for the oligarch clubs. They are restraining themselves a bit in Corona times, but continue to place selected crazy deals in the three-digit million range. Haaland is one of them. Flow heater Dortmund – BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (62) in Spiegel: “It is the Sisyphus effect, but it applies to 98 percent of all clubs worldwide. (…) There is no alternative to this. We are developing very well and economically, but the competitive environment has intensified. ”Keeping Haaland beyond 2022 despite the exit clause (75 million euros) would be a giant thing for Dortmund. Binding the superstars to BVB in the long term would mean a quantum leap.

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