Home Politics Bremen lets the contract for the Luca app expire

Bremen lets the contract for the Luca app expire

Bremen lets the contract for the Luca app expire

Exclusive as of January 14, 2022. Authors: Torben Ostermann Image: DPA | Frank Hoermann and Sven Simon

  • Bremen ends cooperation with the operator of the Luca app
  • App was no help with contact tracing
  • Successful in only ten cases
  • After Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen is now the second federal state to end the cooperation with the operators of the Luca app. In Bremen, the usability of the app was not successful, Health Senator Claudia Bernhard (left) summarizes the outburst against buten un binnen. The app was not much help for contact tracing by the health department. That is why the contract, which expires in March, will not be extended. Since the start of the contract almost a year ago, it has only been possible to identify a corona contact using the data from the app in ten cases. The Bremen health department was skeptical from the start about the benefits of the Luca app. The Senate paid more than 220,000 euros for the cooperation with the operators.

    Discussion about the security of the Luca app

    In addition to a lack of usefulness, there has also been a lot of fuss about the data security of the app in recent months. Most recently, the Mainz police are said to have used personal data from the Luca app when looking for witnesses via the health department. The app was designed by two software companies in which the musician Smudo from the Fantastischen Vier has a financial stake. Through numerous talk show appearances, including on Anne Will, he quickly became the face of the product. At the beginning of the crisis, the health authorities across Germany were overwhelmed with digital contact tracing. The Luca app seemed to be a suitable tool to break chains of infection.

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