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BfS database: These smartphones emit the most

BfS database: These smartphones emit the most

These smartphones emit the most – and these the least.
Photo: pathdoc – shutterstock.comThe radiation from a smartphone is given in SAR, which describes the “specific absorption rate”. According to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection BfS, the “specific absorption rate” should not be more than 2 SAR. The statistics portal Statista evaluated the database of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection to determine which smartphones emit the most radiation. The smartphone with the closest radiation value is the Motorola Edge. Its SAR value is 1.79. This is followed by the ZTE Aton 11 5G with 1.59 SAR, Oneplus 6T with 1.55 SAR and the Sony Xperia XA2 Plus with a SAR value of 1.41. Google Pixel 3 XL/3a XL and Google Pixel 4a are in fifth and sixth place with values ​​of 1.39 and 1.37. Up to a SAR value of 0.6, a smartphone is considered low-radiation according to BfS. Statista has also picked out the top places here. According to this, the ZTE Blade V10 is the smartphone with the lowest SAR value, namely 0.13. The ZTE Aton Elite with 0.17 and numerous Samsung Galaxy models are also extremely low in radiation: Note 10+/5G with 0.19, Galaxy Note 10 with 0.21, Galaxy A80 with 0.22 and Galaxy A72 with 0. 23 But the LG G7 ThinQ and Galaxy S20 FE are also very low in radiation, each at 0.24. For comparison: the iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro Max has a SAR value of 0.98, the iPhone 12 Pro of 0.99. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has 0.99 SAR in the list and the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro are also 0.99. The iPhone 13 Mini comes in at 0.97.
You can search for the SAR values ​​at the BfS here and download all test values ​​at the bottom of the page. All SAR values ​​apply to telephoning with the smartphone on the ear. Whether and how much radiation is harmful to the human body is controversial. But you certainly don’t make a mistake if you try to have the radiation exposure from the mobile phone as low as possible. (PC world)

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