Home Politics Berlin-Mitte: After a dispute, the tram driver rams a taxi

Berlin-Mitte: After a dispute, the tram driver rams a taxi

Berlin-Mitte: After a dispute, the tram driver rams a taxi

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After a dispute: the tram driver rams a taxi in Berlin-Mitte

Updated: 01/15/2022, 02:17 PM | Reading time: 5 minutes The attack took place on a BVG tram (symbol image).

Photo: Reto Klar / FUNKE Foto Services In our blog you will find current reports from the police and fire brigade in Berlin and Brandenburg from Saturday, January 15, 2022.

Middle: After a dispute – tram driver rams a taxi

A tram has in center hit a taxi and pushed it several meters in front of him. The tram driver had therefore argued with the taxi driver on Gontardstraße shortly before the accident on Friday evening, as the police announced on Saturday. The taxi first stopped at an exit to let passengers get off. The 33-year-old driver of a tram blocked the onward journey to Rathausstrasse. The 57-year-old tram driver got out and spoke to the man. A dispute ensued. When the taxi wanted to turn around, the tram driver reportedly got on the train and drove off. The train crashed into the car and dragged it several meters into a stop. A pedestrian barrier and a bus stop pillar were damaged. Both drivers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. According to the police, it was initially unclear whether there were passengers on the tram. No trains could run at the scene of the accident until shortly before midnight. According to the information, the tram driver is accused of dangerous intervention in rail traffic.

Zehlendorf: Fire in the restaurant

In Zehlendorf a restaurant on the ground floor of a residential and commercial building on Fischerhüttenstrasse caught fire on Saturday. As the fire department announced on Twitter, the fire spread to the attic. No people were injured. Eight people were treated by paramedics. Several apartments are uninhabitable.

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Görlitzer Park: Alleged drug dealer flees from the police and jumps into the pond

Police officers and firefighters in Görlitzer Park.
Photo: Pudwell A suspected drug dealer is at the Friday night Gorlitz Park been rescued from a park pond. As the police announced on Saturday, emergency services wanted to check a man near the park. When he saw the officers, he fled and jumped into the pond. The police officers surrounded the water. However, they could not see the man. The emergency services then called the fire brigade because they did not know how deep the water was. Two officers rowed onto the pond in a fire brigade rubber dinghy to look for the 23-year-old. They found this one hour later in the reeds of the approximately 2800 square meter pond. Since he did not react to the speech of the police officers, they jumped into the water. It turned out that the man was unconscious. They pulled him out of the water and handed him over to the rescue workers on the shore. The 23-year-old, who had hypothermia, was taken to a hospital. There is no danger to life, police said.

Prenzlauer Berg: cyclist crashes into open taxi door

A man is in an accident on Friday in Prenzlauer Berg (Pankow) was badly injured. As the police announced on Saturday, the 45-year-old was riding his cargo bike on the Schönhauser Allee cycle path when a woman suddenly got out of a taxi. The cyclist drove into the open door, fell to the ground and suffered serious injuries to his upper body. Paramedics took him to a hospital, where he remained in hospital. A specialist commissioner for traffic offenses in Police Directorate 1 (North) is conducting the investigation.

Spandau: shot at man – arrest at BER airport

A 35-year-old who shot a man in Spandau on Friday died hours after the crime Airport BER been arrested. As the police announced on Saturday, the suspect was checked at the exit control on Friday around 12.30 p.m. The federal police found that the 35-year-old was wanted for attempted homicide. The man is due to be handed over to a judge on Saturday for an arrest warrant to be issued.

Marzahn: Several rubbish containers set on fire

Barrels burned in Wittenberger Strasse.
Photo: Prices unknown have in Marzahn set fire to several dumpsters. At around 11:30 p.m., a resident of Wittenberger Strasse noticed smoke and the smell of burning and called the fire brigade because he assumed there was a fire in the apartment below him. However, the police forces that arrived first found that a garbage can was on fire in front of the apartment building. The fire brigade extinguished the flames. Almost an hour later – around 0.40 a.m. – a person reported a fire on Märkische Allee/Alfred-Döblin-Strasse. There, a waste container burned in a fenced-off garbage dump. At around 2.30 a.m., a resident of Wuhletalstrasse alerted the fire brigade to a burning garbage bag on a garbage container inside a fenced garbage dump area. After that, several garbage containers burned in the residential area on Wuhletalstrasse and Trusetaler Strasse.

Wedding: Two apartments burn

There was a fire in an apartment in Gesundbrunnen.
Photo: Pudwell Two apartment fires occupied the Berlin fire brigade early Saturday morning. “In both cases, the entire apartments were already on fire,” said a spokesman. The rescue workers moved up after the alarm at around 0.40 a.m Wedding (middle) off. There was a fire in a five-story apartment building on Müllerstrasse. The fire brigade rescued ten people with escape hoods from the building, nobody was injured. 60 emergency services were on site, 40 people were cared for in a fire service bus. About an hour later, another apartment on Schulstrasse, also in Wedding, caught fire. Ten people were cared for here, nobody was hurt. The causes of the fire were initially unclear

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