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Berlin derby summit at the Nobel Italians – BZ Berlin

Berlin derby summit at the Nobel Italians - BZ Berlin

BZ Derby appetizer with the Italian … A week before the cup derby (January 19), Hertha pros Marco Richter and Maximilian Mittelstädt (both 24) faced a Union player. Together with Max Kruse (33) and Internet star Aaron Troschke (32/Hertha fan) they sat at dinner in the noble Italian “Bellucci” on the Ku’damm – the Derby dinner. Steaks (according to the menu 38 euros) and lively sayings were served. Troschke, who shared the derby dinner on Instagram, welcomed “three professional footballers – and Max” right from the start. Kruse acknowledged that with a grin. Aaron Troschke had to pay the bill in the end (Photo: Charles Yunck) Why do the rivals go out to eat together a week before the important cup duel?
Because of private friendships: Kruse and Richter have known each other particularly well since the 2020 Olympics, when they played together for Germany. Richter is friends with Hertha colleague Mittelstädt. Kruse and Troschke are also friends. Together with Mittelstädt, they bet on the outcome of the league derby in November (2-0 for Union) – the proceeds went to the zoo and animal shelter.

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► Union keeper Luthe: I don’t think about the cup derby against Hertha at all ► Fans celebrate with a mocking song – “Union plays in Europe, Hertha is in bed” There was gambling this time too – with bells and whistles Bill. Kruse joked: “I can’t lose against three Hertha players.” He didn’t either, Troschke had to pay around 200 euros in the end.
Who is allowed to serve the derby victory will be revealed on Wednesday.

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