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Berchtesgadener Land/Traunstein/Rosenheim: For the safety of the people: the government releases the wolf to be shot

Berchtesgadener Land/Traunstein/Rosenheim: For the safety of the people: the government releases the wolf to be shot

Berchtesgadener Land/Traunstein/Rosenheim – In a press release, the government of Upper Bavaria released the wolf responsible for several cracks in the Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein and Rosenheim districts.

Update, 6:19 p.m. – District Administrator Walch “very happy” about the approval

To the Approval of wolf removal declared by the government of Upper Bavaria District Administrator Siegfried Walch in a press release: “We are very happy that the approval has now been granted is. This is very important to us because we see that sustainable animal husbandry, which mainly refers to grazing or alpine farming, is not feasible if large carnivores are on the move at the same time.” Walch thus agrees with the position of Minister of Agriculture Kaniber (Update, 5:16 p.m.) to: “On Keeping animals outdoors and large carnivores side by side is simply not possible. Of course, this becomes particularly dramatic in the area of ​​alpine farming. But it generally affects the entire form of agriculture, of which we are very proud in our region, because we have an agriculture that takes animal welfare very seriously. And therefore it must be clear to everyone: If a wolf or a pack becomes native to us, it is to the detriment of animal welfare in the region. That’s why we mustn’t endanger what agriculture has achieved with us.” In addition to protecting agriculture, the district administrator also addresses the safety factor, which according to the LfU experts (see initial report) was also a reason for the approval: “We have a form of Agriculturethat others would want and that’s what we need to do protection. In addition, we have now experienced a behavior of the wolf that clearly shows: The Wolf is not just a problem for agriculture, but one goes from him too danger to safety out. The wolf holds on very close to civilization up and was seen in the middle of a populated area. Something like that should not be taken lightly In mid-November, district administrator Siegfried Walch, in his capacity as chairman of the Association of Forest Authorities in Chiemgau, applied for the removal of the wolf.

Update, 5:16 p.m. – Kaniber welcomes the decision to remove the wolf in Chiemgau

“The decision the government of Upper Bavaria absolutely right“, shares the Bavarian Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber in a press release. You have to “a Predator that has encroached and has obviously lost his shyness also sometimes remove“It goes on to say. Kaniber sees the reason given by the government as a reason behavior of the wolf is a clear reason for clearance to be shot: “This was urgently needed for this wolf, which was getting closer and closer to the settlements in south-eastern Upper Bavaria. the Wolf is a cultural follower – and he’s intelligent. If he learns that there is food for him on alpine pastures, in stables and in settlements without having to fear anything, he will always bolder. I am firmly convinced that you have to Showing wolves their limits if there is to be coexistence. Especially here in the mountains.” Through the wolf she sees Minister of Agriculture especially the pastoral economy in danger, since fencing often cannot be implemented, especially on alpine pastures and in the Alps. The decision stands “in in accordance with the Federal Nature Conservation Act, which provides for exceptions to species protection for precisely such cases”. In relation to discussions with those affected in the region and their concerns about the wolf, concludes caniber: “In that respect i’m relievedthat a solution is emerging here that also contributes to the acceptance of the wolf in the long term.”

First report:

“For reasons of public safety, the government of Upper Bavaria will permit the removal of the male wolf with the genetic code GW2425m.” With these words, the government of Upper Bavaria now allows the removal of the wolfwho for the Injuring and killing several sheep, goats and wild animals in the counties Berchtesgadener Land, Traunstein and Rosenheim responsible for. This was recently confirmed by genetic analysis. Read also The said wolf got himself repeatedly in the immediate vicinity of inhabited houses stopped and is apparently looking for the Proximity to settlement structures. This is the conclusion reached by the commission of experts convened at the Bavarian State Office for the Environment in an overall view of the events. With this knowledge, increases the likelihood of dangerous encounters and conflicts of the beast comes with people, says the press release.A endangering people with the exemption be avoided. The assessment of the overall situation suggests that it is to be feared that people could be harmed in the future expected to be announced on January 17th wird.mda List of rubrics: © picture alliance/dpa/Swen Pförtner

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