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Battlefield 2042: Rush mode is making a comeback

Battlefield 2042: Toxic contributions prevail

After the sometimes harshly formulated criticism of the past few weeks, the developers of DICE can currently look forward to at least a little positive feedback from the “Battlefield 2042” community. This is mainly due to the comeback of the rush mode. Shortly after the release of “Battlefield 2042”, it became apparent that the new multiplayer shooter from DICE was struggling with various technical and gaming problems, and negative feedback from the community was not long in coming. Most recently, the discussions in the official subreddit developed in an extremely toxic direction and made sure that the moderators even threatened to shut down the subreddit. The fact that the developers at DICE have decided to help Rush mode make a comeback is currently providing some relief. A decision that was very positively received by the players.

Fewer players and smaller maps for more action

The Rush mode made its way into “Battlefield 2042” for the first time last month and, with a reduced number of players of two teams with 16 players each and smaller maps, provided more action than in the normal 128- or 64-player mode. However, it has not been revealed how long the Rush mode will be available this time after its week-long hiatus.
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Available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Battlefield 2042 has met with skepticism from both gamers and critics alike. On all platforms, the Metacritic score settled in the disappointing 60s. The developers at DICE vowed to improve and promised that “Battlefield 2042” should be further optimized with appropriate updates in the coming weeks and months. The studio would also like to take the feedback from the community to heart and take this into account when working on the next updates.

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