Home Sports Bang at Eintracht Frankfurt: SBU duo before a surprising transfer abroad?

Bang at Eintracht Frankfurt: SBU duo before a surprising transfer abroad?

Eintracht Frankfurt: bang at SGE – duo before surprising transfer abroad?

Eintracht Frankfurt could lose a duo in winter. The two professionals are very popular with clubs abroad. Frankfurt – Eintracht Frankfurt wants to start an attack on the European Cup places in the second half of the season. The SBU is currently ranked eighth in the table in the Bundesliga, but is only one point behind the international rankings. Markus Krösche, the club’s sports director, has until the end of January to land newcomers to strengthen Oliver Glasner’s squad. In the past few weeks there have been repeated rumors about possible attackers, but so far Eintracht Frankfurt has not been able to sign a new player. The only transfer from Eintracht Frankfurt this winter is a departure. Fabio Blanco, who came from Valencia last summer as a great talent, is leaving the club again. The 17-year-old, who only played for the U19s, is heading home after a disappointing half-year. Blanco joins FC Barcelona and is said to be looking for his chance to recommend himself for the professionals there via the second team. At Eintracht Frankfurt he lacked the necessary patience.

Eintracht Frankfurt: Duo before moving abroad?

However, Fabio Blanco could not have been the only departure in this transfer window. A duo from Eintracht Frankfurt has attracted attention from abroad and could also leave the club. The two players in question are Filip Kostic and Goncalo Paciencia. The Serb has been the focus of Italian clubs for a long time and Inter Milan in particular are said to have kept an eye on him. As the Italian online portal Calciomercato reports, the reigning champions of Serie A will soon dare another push to free Kostic from the SBU. The rush at Inter Milan has the simple reason that the Italians are afraid of the financially strong competition. In addition to the Nerazzurri, Atlético Madrid, Sevilla FC, West Ham United and Arsenal FC are also interested in Filip Kostic. The Serb’s contract with Eintracht Frankfurt runs until June 30, 2023. Should he not extend his working paper, SBU would have to sell him next summer in order not to risk a free transfer a year later. However, it seems questionable that those responsible at SBU will simply let their strongest player go in the middle of the season.

Eintracht Frankfurt: FC Granada courts Paciencia

The situation is different for Goncalo Paciencia. The Portuguese is not a regular player, but is one of the top earners at Eintracht Frankfurt. The attacker was able to score a few goals after his one-year loan to FC Schalke 04, but the club would not put any obstacles in his way if he received a suitable offer. The Spanish newspaper Ideal reports on Granada FC’s strong interest. The Spaniards would like to sign the Eintracht Frankfurt striker in winter. It looks like Paciencia will be leaving Main by the end of January. Meanwhile, Eintracht Frankfurt are the favorites to sign a young talent from Bayern Munich who are not renewing their contract. Fredi Bobic, former sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt, would like to ban the WhatsApp messenger service.

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