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“Baby Shark” is the first video to get ten billion clicks


YouTube has a new video record-breaking baby shark. As the first video ever, the children’s song has been viewed more than ten billion times. Photo series with 23 pictures It’s now a good nine years since the South Korean singer and rapper Psy achieved world fame with his music video “Gangnam Style”. In autumn 2012 he conquered the top of the charts in Germany, Australia, France and many other countries and on November 24, 2012 his video was the first ever to break the one billion views mark.

In the meantime, Psy has collected over 4.3 billion clicks, but does not even make it into the ten most successful clips on the platform. Instead, the summer hit “Despacito” was at the top for a long time. The song was not caught up by the Baby Shark until the end of 2020.

Summer hit replaced as record holder after more than three years

But even though Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s song has now also surpassed seven billion views, it couldn’t stop the rise of the “Baby Shark Dance”. The exhilarated children’s video from South Korea recorded 7.062 billion views at the end of 2020 when it rose to the top. Since then, around three billion clicks have been added.

The song itself is said to be old children’s song folklore, although it is also German for the video YouTube– Role model: Alexandra Müller played a variant of the shark dance here in 2007 and landed a surprise hit on the still young video platform. Apparently, the Korean version of the song already has a scandal behind it: Because while the popular English text version of the song only lists the individual members of the shark family, the Korean version always has an attribution, i.e. Mama Shark is “pretty ‘, Papa Shark is ‘strong’, Grandma Shark is ‘lovely’ and Grandpa Shark is ‘cool’. A dispute broke out in the Korean media because the text solidified sexist prejudices. Here, however, the English text variant of the children’s song is completely neutral – and in contrast to the text of “Despacito” – also absolutely suitable for young people.

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