Home Politics As Trump gathers his troops, US President Biden falls into the trap

As Trump gathers his troops, US President Biden falls into the trap


Guest article by Gabor Steingart: While Trump is gathering his troops, US President Biden stumbles into the next trap If you want to know how it doesn’t happen, you have to read ZEIT. There the author Mark Schieritz, who had already documented his loss of reality with the book about the “inflation lie”, dreams of the “social democratic age”. He senses a “historic shift in priorities”, first for himself and then also for the voters: “Protection, security, balance”. Internationally, social democracy is “on the rise” – from the USA to New Zealand. For links on this page, FOCUS Online may receive a commission from the retailer, eg for those marked with . More info At least for the US, the winds have turned at high speed again. For the Democrats, it blows cool and from the front. This changes the transatlantic thermals for the German Chancellor. The Scholz team should better not assume that they are sailing in the trade winds of a new era.

Trump lives, Biden wobbles

In any case, something is brewing in the USA that could seriously injure Joe Biden in the midterm elections in November and blow him out of office two years later:

  • Debasement hurts every Democrat’s core voters. An inflation rate of currently seven percent means a de facto penalty tax for savers and low earners. For Joe Biden, inflation is not a lie, but a trap into which his own camp’s money-flow politicians have lured him.

  • Vice President Kamala Harris should rejuvenate Biden, womanize him and make him appear more progressive than he is. But this strategy didn’t work. After a year in office, Joe Biden doesn’t look like the avant-garde of a new era, but like the rear guard of the Obama years, who was lame on his feet and tousled by the times.

  • So far, Biden has lacked any fortune in foreign policy. The stumbled farewell from Kabul and the helplessness in the face of the Ukraine aggressor Putin condense into the image of a weak president who has no global players. Olaf Scholz, who denies the political importance of Nord Stream 2 and wants to try a new start with Putin, is no help either.

  • In the Republican Party, Trump continues to rally his troops and the troops rally behind him. “If you want to be a Republican leader in the Senate, you need a working relationship with Trump,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham lectured Kentucky Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Graham himself, who broke with Trump (“I’m out”) after the storming of the Capitol, is looking for his closeness again: Trump is a second Reagan, a character “bigger than life”.

  • The election loser Trump has apparently not lost his aura among the population. Only a slim 55 percent majority accepts Biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election. A year earlier it was 58 percent. This is now reported by the party-politically independent news portal Axios, which surveyed 2,649 representatively selected Americans between January 1st and 3rd.

  • Trump impresses his own camp and his opponents with a factual claim that he constantly repeats and that is capable of scaring off any alternative candidate from his own party: “I got more votes than any reigning president of the United States before.” Correct is: 74.2 million Americans voted for him. Obama achieved his best result in 2008 and still only 69.4 million voters. However: According to the official count, Joe Biden had a good 7 million more votes than Trump.

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    The classification of a century as “social-democratic”, “conservative” or “populist”, borrowed from the 20th century, is possibly unsuitable for describing the fluid forces of the present. The story only freezes into the monolithic later in the history book. It meets contemporaries like a creeping gas that spreads through society without smell or colour, only to implode sooner or later if there is insufficient ventilation.

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    Gabor Steingart is one of the best-known journalists in the country. He publishes the Steingarts Morning Briefing newsletter. The podcast of the same name is Germany’s leading daily podcast for politics and business. Steingart has been working with his editorial team on the ship “ThePioneer One” since May 2020. Before founding Media Pioneer, Steingart was, among other things, Chairman of the Management Board of the Handelsblatt Media Group. You can find his free morning briefing here.

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