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Apple Watch Series 7 review



Everything new, that was the rumor about the new Apple Watch last year. But the design changed little. However, two important innovations keep the Series 7 at the top of the smartwatch market. The Apple Watch Series 7 looks almost the same as previous models. Nevertheless, the practical test with the new watch also resulted in a new experience. Apple has managed the trick of enlarging the display by 20 percent with the same case size. The surprising effect is achieved by reducing the display edges. They are now only 1.7 millimeters. Pleasant side effect: All previous wristbands can still be used.

No information overload – and a keyboard

Apple designers have resisted the temptation to use the Series 7’s larger display to display more text and snippets of information. Instead, the extra space is used for larger buttons and letters. Compared to the Series 6, the display is a full millimeter larger (41 mm instead of 40 mm and 45 mm instead of 44 mm). It sounds small, but it actually makes it easier to read a large chunk of text and see more detail without having to scroll. In addition, the control buttons on the display or the numbers for the unlock code are easier to hit. Since the watchOS 8 operating system has been consistently optimized for the new screen, the numbers also appear much larger when dialing a number in the phone app. So far, you can either dictate text on the Apple Watch via Siri or painstakingly scribble individual letters on the display. The Apple Watch 7 uses the larger display for a full on-screen keyboard. Typing works surprisingly well – but so far only in English.

Dust has to stay outside

With a front glass that is particularly shatterproof according to the manufacturer and a new seal against penetrating dust (according to IP6X), it is the most resistant Apple Watch to date. When it comes to battery life, there is not a big jump: other manufacturers reduce power consumption by constantly switching off the display completely or by disconnecting other functions. Apple is content with making the Apple Watch run as close to a full day as possible without having to charge the watch in between.

Faster full of new cable

But a change in charging technology makes a big difference. A new fast charging cable with a USB-C connector is included in the package. In the test, the Apple Watch Series 7 was able to charge from zero to 82 percent in 45 minutes. With the quick charge function, uncomplicated use of the Apple Watch around the clock is possible for the first time. Unfortunately, Apple uses a proprietary charging standard, so common Qi charging mats cannot be used. Not much new inside the watch: the Series 6’s S6 chip is now called the S7. In principle, however, it is an identical processor that has been adapted to the slightly larger case. The installed sensors are also identical. The watch measures blood oxygen and can take a simple ECG. Accelerometer and gyroscope detect a fall. Competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or the Asus VivoWatch BP can also monitor blood pressure.

Conclusion: competition from within the company

For iPhone users, the Apple Watch is by far the best smartwatch. There are fitness trackers that are aimed at athletes with very special functions that offer an alternative in the niche. For example the devices from Garmin. Otherwise, the Apple Watch Series 7 is only challenged by older Apple Watches. Owners of a Series 6 or 5 can confidently wait for an Apple Series 8, which may then offer additional functions. The Series 3 lures with a bargain price, but is no longer technically up-to-date. Saving foxes should then rather resort to an Apple Watch SE.

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