Home Sports Amari Cooper receives the maximum penalty for a corona violation

Amari Cooper receives the maximum penalty for a corona violation

Amari Cooper receives the maximum penalty for a corona violation

Munich/Dallas – Amari Cooper violated the requirements of the NFL’s COVID-19 protocol live on ProSieben and ran.de before the wild card playoff duel of his Dallas Cowboys against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday from 10:15 p.m received the maximum penalty. The wide receiver was fined $14,650. Cooper and teammate CeeDee Lamb sat in the audience without masks at the Dallas Mavericks NBA game against the Golden State Warriors on Jan. 5. While Lamb has long since received his vaccination, Cooper is one of only two unvaccinated Cowboys players. Cooper had already missed two games in November as a result.

Unvaccinated NFL players have strict guidelines

According to NFL protocols, “A player who is not fully vaccinated is prohibited from participating in a professional sporting event unless seated in a separate seating area, such as a suite or box, wearing a face mask and there are no more than 10 people in this separate seating area”. Cooper has little understanding for these regulations. “There are risks everywhere,” he told TheAthletic.com. “Even if I stay at home, I don’t live alone. I have people around me who have to go to work and stuff like that.” He even references the book The Tipping Point, which describes how Diseases would spread: “You can stay at home. But the people around you are doing their jobs or taking the children to school or whatever. They probably come into contact with a million people.”

Cooper doubts the sense of the specifications

In any case, it would make little sense to want to rule out all risks: “I don’t understand how you should be particularly careful. We go to training every day. We have teammates who have children. They take their children to school, who have hundreds of other kids, you’re close to their parents when they pick their kids up from school and so on and so forth.”To Cooper, this means, “I don’t feel like we’re in the area where where we are, can be safe at all. I have a feeling that we can only be safe if nobody goes out and is quarantined for a long time.” That he was seen at the basketball game without a mask would have a simple one Explanation: “If I’m anywhere and I’m pictured without a mask, it’s because I’ve been eating and drinking. I don’t know how to do that with a mask on.”You want the most important NFL news, videos and data to you ect on your smartphone? Then get the new ran app with push notifications for the most important news in your favorite sport. Available in the App Store for Apple and Android.

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