Home Business & Finance Aldi apologizes for “abrupt” treatment of pregnant woman

Aldi apologizes for “abrupt” treatment of pregnant woman

Aldi apologizes for

Aldi: “Any humanity is missing” – discounter apologizes for “abrupt” handling of a heavily pregnant woman

Aldi vs. Lidl – the ultimate comparison Aldi vs. Lidl – the ultimate comparison Numbers, data, facts: Where is it cheaper? who is bigger Which discounter is being criticized? Show Description Actually, many customers want to at Aldi just do your shopping in peace. But sometimes there are unpleasant or even tricky situations. Something like that experienced a pregnant woman in one Aldi in Mannheim. She raises serious allegations against the employees of the discounter. He reacts immediately.

Aldi: A heavily pregnant woman wants to shop at the discounter

Just a quick shop at Aldi, that’s probably what a pregnant woman in Mannheim thought too. But nothing came of it, as she said in a Facebook post. “I was just thrown out of the Aldi in Mannheim when I was very pregnant because I didn’t wear an FFP2 mask (after the VO changed overnight in Baden-Württemberg),” she writes. Dealing with the situation upsets the woman very much. “All humanity is missing,” is her harsh verdict. —————
This is Aldi:

  • Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd are two separate groups of companies in Essen and Mülheim
  • Aldi stands for Albrecht-Discount: In 1913, Karl Albrecht set up his own bread shop in Essen
  • In 1962, the family business was converted into a pure discounter and got its current name “Aldi”.
  • The separation into north and south took place in 1961
  • Aldi is now one of the ten largest retail groups in the world
  • ————— Employees had explained to her that in general no exceptions to the rules could be made. “I hope for more humanity in the future!” the woman concludes. Aldi: Pregnant customer complains to the discounter. (Symbol picture9 Photo: IMAGO / Michael Gstettenbauer

    Aldi responds to the customer’s mail

    The woman did not have to wait long for an answer from the discounter. “If we were harsh with you, then of course we’re very sorry,” begins the reply. —————
    More Aldi news:
    Aldi takes a drastic step! Customers will soon have to do without THIS product Aldi, Lidl, Rewe and Co: Immediate ban! You won’t find this popular food again like this Aldi: Prices for this everyday product are rising again – that’s the reason ————— “However, we are bound by the current legal decisions and have to implement on site. Since wearing an FFP2 or comparable mask has been mandatory in Baden-Württemberg since today, our employees must also implement this.” The answer will certainly only partially satisfy the customer, but it is understandable. Facebook users see it that way too. They suggest that the woman would rather send someone else to Aldi, for example. Basically, they think Aldi’s approach is correct. (gb)

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