Home Health Africa CDC calls for a new approach to corona restrictions

Africa CDC calls for a new approach to corona restrictions

Africa CDC calls for a new approach to corona restrictions

/picture alliance, Xinhua News Agency, Michael Tewelde Johannesburg – According to the pan-African health organization Africa CDC, the handling of the pandemic is also changing when the number of corona infections in Africa reaches the ten million mark. “We are no longer in the logic of containing the virus – it’s everywhere now,” said John Nkengasong of the African Union Health Organization (Africa CDC) yesterday. He emphasized: “The time when we needed contact tracing is over.” Strict restrictions are no longer the appropriate answer – even if the population must continue to comply with certain precautionary measures. Vaccination and testing, on the other hand, are now more important than ever. “Those who have been vaccinated get sick but don’t end up in the hospital — that’s the trend we’re seeing right now,” said Nkengasong, who called for more decentralization on the continent in both testing and vaccination. 307,000 new corona infections were counted across Africa last week – an increase of two percent compared to the previous week. Southern Africa again had the most cases at 43 percent. The continent has now procured 663 million vaccine doses, but in Africa only 10.9 percent of the population has been double vaccinated against the corona virus. “There is now a clear trend that more vaccines are reaching the continent,” Nkengasong said. The CDC is trying to pool the resources of African countries and coordinate measures to fight the pandemic. Since the outbreak, a total of 10.1 million infections have been documented in Africa. “We have now reached an important milestone,” emphasized the CDC director. However, according to experts on the continent with its 1.3 billion people, the number of unreported infections is likely to be very high. © dpa/aerzteblatt.de

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