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90 kilos less: “Asparagus Tarzan” Reiner Calmund inspires with beach boy look

90 kilos less:

Quick-witted and always with a snappy saying – that’s how football manager Reiner Calmund (73) is known – as a brisk beach boy, on the other hand, rather less. Cologne/Saarlouis – Quick-witted and always ready to say a snap – that’s what football managers know Reiner Calmund (73). Up until two years ago, very few people would have had him on their radar as a brisk beach boy. As a heavyweight football official, Reiner Calmund wrote a piece of Bundesliga history. The 73-year-old has now halved his body weight. © Instagram/rcalmund (screenshot), Christian Charisius/dpa (image montage) After a successful gastric bypass operation at the end of January 2020, the former boss of Bayer 04 Leverkusen around 65 kilograms of body weight within a year. The 73-year-old experienced a blatant physical transformation and gained one thing above all: quality of life! It is clear that such weight loss does not leave the human body unaffected. That’s why the former heavyweight went under the knife again last year to have the almost twelve kilogram fat lobe removed. In the end, the North Rhine-Westphalian had halved his original starting weight of 180 kilos within 24 months! Since then the “Grill the Henssler“-Juror his slim figure, which he is very proud of.

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The former world-class manager has now shared a new snapshot of himself on his Instagram profile – and once again caused great astonishment and, above all, admiration within his fan base. The former boss of Bundesliga club Bayer 04 Leverkusen now pays attention to a balanced diet and enjoys the quality of life he has gained. © Instagram/rcalmund (Screenshot) In the photo, the 73-year-old skilfully stages his enormous success in losing weight. She poses in a casual holiday look consisting of an airy polo shirt, shorts, cap and flip-flops Bundesliga-Legend on a dream beach under palm trees in Thailand. “Calli” has a good time and lets the slender soul dangle. From the once heavyweight Soccer-Functional is at least outwardly nothing left. In the comment column next to his Insta post, there was a lot of positive feedback within a very short time. “Pure Schmalmund”, “The man simply deserves a lot of respect” or “Super performance and certainly a large portion of new quality of life and health” can be read next to the recording.

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His daughter was always the greatest incentive for the cheerful Rhenish nature. After losing 100 pounds, he was able to walk to his neighborhood playground for the first time in five years. That motivated him to keep going. Cover photo: Instagram/rcalmund (screenshot), Christian Charisius/dpa (image montage)

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