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5 ways how you can wear the trend hairstyle 2022!


Whether you want to say goodbye to your long locks or just want to freshen up your short hairstyle, the short chopped bob is still considered Stacked Bob or Wedge Bob, is the perfect solution. What is this haircut? The cut, which is short in the back and longer in the front, is both stylish and very flattering. Also, there are so many styling variations that ladies of all hair types can sport this chic hairstyle. You just have to find the right version for yourself. To help you with that, we have compiled some of the most chic bob hairstyles 2022. Just pick your favorite and take the picture to your barber for a new look that’s guaranteed to please.

What is a short nape bob?

In case you need a refresher, the traditional bob is a haircut where the hair ends at chin level and all sides are the same length. In the stacked bob, on the other hand, the hair is longer and cut diagonally at the front, and shorter and layered at the back. The layers create extreme volume at the roots and make the bob look fuller. The length of the top hair can also vary a little on a bob with a short neck. With a short bob, the one Bixie cut resembles, the hair length can be between the ear and the chin, while the nape is cut extremely short. The front sections of hair on a long bob with a short neck, on the other hand, can end about two centimeters above the shoulder.

Who is this bob hairstyle best for?

Almost every woman can wear the bob with a short nape and look amazing. It’s all about finding the right version of this 2022 hairstyle trend for your hair type. Layered bobs are particularly good for women with thin hair, as they can add volume thanks to the A-line cut and layers. That’s not to say that you can’t wear a stacked bob with thick or curly hair – with the right layering technique, you can certainly pull off this haircut without your hair looking too full. Talk to your stylist about what you want in a layered bob with a short nape so you leave the salon feeling happy. Be sure to bring inspirational photos so your stylist has a good idea of ​​what you want your stacked bob to look like. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all hairstyle!

The trend hairstyle 2022 is ideal for women over 50

Over the years, our hair becomes drier and thinner. But a short haircut can add momentum and volume to your hair. If you want an easy-care and cheeky bob hairstyle 2022, a stacked bob is the right choice. Show off your new haircut with a new hair color! With Gray blending gray hair can also be concealed very well.

Variants of the bob hairstyle with a short nape

Bob with a short nape and long bangs

An extra-long fringe, which is pulled over the face and lengthened at the sides, makes the hairstyle look even more attractive. To emphasize the asymmetry of the haircut, you can also use a hair color contrast.

Frayed, layered bob with a short nape

Do you want to add a modern touch to your bob? By adding fringy layers, you can quickly get more volume into fine hair and at the same time achieve a trendy look. This hairstyle can also be styled with a messy look.

Undercut bob with a shaved nape

A Bob with an undercut is now enjoying increasing popularity. While this shaved nape hairstyle is not for everyone, it is an excellent choice for ladies who want to achieve a daring and individual look.

Long bob with a short nape

Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles are available in different lengths. For a look that’s as bold as it is chic, opt for a shoulder-length version. The short back creates volume and elongates the neck, while the long front reaches almost to the shoulders. It also gives you more styling freedom and you can easily trim hair further when you’re ready.

Curly A-line bob

There’s no reason to avoid a short haircut just because you have curly hair. Short curly hair can look amazing. You just have to find the right one for you. If you want to show off your curls and volume in all their glory, there is no getting around a curly inverted bob. This cut makes your tresses look gorgeous and full of swing.

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