Home Technology 2 vaccination certificates in the CovPass app? Caution!

2 vaccination certificates in the CovPass app? Caution!

 2 vaccination certificates in the CovPass app?  Caution!

Both in the Corona warning and in the CovPass app you have your vaccination certificate as a QR code digitally on your smartphone. However, if two different certificates appear for you in the apps, there is an error. This could potentially result in an invalid vaccination status. Version:1.13.3Languages:GermanPlatforms:Android After you have entered the booster vaccination in the CovPass or Corona Warning app, you should immediately check whether everything is OK. GIGA explains what you have to pay attention to.

After Booster: Two vaccination certificates in the Corona app are a mistake

If you scan the certificate for the booster vaccination, you normally do not have to worry about existing vaccination certificates or even delete the old data. The evidence is summarized for one person. At the same time, both apps allow storing certificates for multiple people. If your data was recorded incorrectly during the vaccination and, for example, the information on the booster vaccination differs from the first two vaccinations, there is an error. In the worst case you have one invalid vaccination certificate for a refresher on your smartphone. This doesn’t matter in Germany, but could cause problems when traveling abroad. In some countries like Israel. France or Austria, for example, already have an “expiration date” for the second vaccination. Even in this country, the vaccination certificate can no longer be considered “2G” proof in the worst case. For people without a booster vaccination, the validity of the vaccination certificate will be reduced to nine months from February 1st.

2 vaccination certificates in the CovPass app? fix problem

The booster vaccination must be in the CovPass app directly accessible via your main certificate leave. If you swipe the screen and can select certificates from different people, although you have only scanned your own codes, there is an error. This occurs, for example, when the individual vaccination certificates are digitized different name or another date of birth was recorded, for example by transposed digits. If you changed your name, got married or moved between the second and third vaccinations, you should bring relevant proof with you to the booster appointment so that the dates can be adjusted. So you should already check in the vaccination center or in the pharmacy whether everything is in order and speak to the issuing staff if you have any problems. If you only find out at home that the QR code was issued incorrectly, contact a pharmacy or the health department responsible for you to obtain corrected proof. If necessary, the anamnesis form and the declaration of consent must be filled out again for a new issue. You will not incur any costs for this.

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