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Yet, Another Senseless Tragedy: Leonard Pozner

Could it be that the history of the United States is still now rooted in the violence and the carnage of lives needlessly lost? This recent terrorist act on innocent lives in Charleston, South Carolina is yet another senseless tragedy. It was just a few years ago that at Sandy Hook Elementary School a senseless act of violent terror perpetrated by yet another lone deranged individual has once again put the Second Amendment in the forefront of debate.

The right to bear arms as stated in the Bill of Rights is implied as another inalienable right much like Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness which are all as pivotal as any article stated in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. These two most sacred of all documents are the bedrock upon which the United States was founded and still are the governing instruments that binds this country together.

Through-out our history amendments have been added that reflect the growing changes in the evolution in our society. With those changes comes interpretations that add or detract from the exact context of those amendments. The second amendment is one such article that today is interpreted with such ill regard for the general American public. Our founding fathers had sought to imply that the right to bare arms would be a safeguard against tyranny or the overbearence of government to infringe upon the rights of it's citizens. Least we forget that with any right or privilege comes a responsibility.

With the advent of newer technologies and greater means for self destruction with less degree of personal responsibility the second amendment is almost rendering the United States incapable of halting the carnage of life and the devastation of societies. Still with all the ways to reduce the horrific violence caused by the callous and vicious acts by individuals in today's society are continually overlooked and often dispelled as either ineffective or not warranted. Yet, we have factions with armaments and the means to use them that far exceed those that are in use by the agencies that are sworn to protect and serve our society. Are the people of the United States using the second amendment as a means to garnish more armaments in the event of civil unrest or is the United States on the brink of social upheaval? What ever the reason for the recent Supreme Courts decision on the second amendment the people of the United States must become more responsible in the decisions made involving the procurement and use of the right to bear arms.

Since the inception of the Automobile the enormous destruction of property and loss of life caused because of the carelessness, the lack of proper safety procedures, and the fact that newer and faster models were being available made it necessary for the United States decree that operation and use of an automobile become a privilege, not a right. Doing so made it necessary for individuals learn how to properly use and safely operate not only cars but planes, motor cycles, boats and all other sorts of motor vehicles. Everyone now must pass written and physical operational tests for those motor vehicles before a license is issued. There lies the personal responsibility.

When a right is no longer justified is contingent upon, like in the privilege of the operation motor vehicles, should not be guaranteed but rather a privilege. The lives saved and societies rescued from all the devastation caused by mans misuse of the second amendment will now be greatly reduced.

Our society today has evolved to the point that it has become necessary to save ourselves from the self destruction and start using the technologies developed in securing the safe use and handling of firearms. Amend the constitution with the second amendment becoming a privilege and not an inherent right. This may be the first step in the long road toward societies stability and security.

Advances in Technology have afforded us as a society the capabilities to combat horrendous acts by those perpetrators of calamity. Whether we choose to implement available technology is one of the most concerning questions now before the American public. How many more senseless atrocities must we endure? How many more innocent lives will be lost before controls are put in place to safeguard the American public? There are those who swear that the right to bear arms is that sacred right but, as we have already implemented more gun control laws still the carnage continues. Are we headed back to Tombstone where everybody caries a gun? Where Wyatt Earp is no where around. The answers lie in the morals of today and answering how technology can safeguard the American public.

The availability of weapons where they can be easily obtained is still a major concern for every American. It is time for decisive action before another Sandy Hook tragedy occurs again. First, we have to realize and accept the reality of today and that is automatic weapons have no place other than with our armed forces. Next, we have to accept the technology that was incidentally available 25 year ago but the willingness to implement them in gun control laws was overlooked, not considered viable, or just another infringement on the Second Amendment. One of the more technological advances in the past 25 years is in micro chips. The technology that was developed 25 years ago can greatly reduce all gun related violence. This involves all semi automatic and automatic weapons including rifles and hand guns. All these types of weapons will have micro-chips installed with a corresponding micro-chip that must be worn by the person who purchases that weapon. This, so that only that person whose matching micro-chip will be able to use that weapon. DNA testing should be mandatory.

Once we realize that the Second Amendment is a privilege and not a right with the safeguards in place so that automatic weapons are not available to the general public and the use of micro chip technology is implemented in regular gun sales the probability of another Sandy Hook tragedy would be greatly reduced. The question remains of the morality of today's society. Because, even though there are stricter gun controls, no matter how many there are and enforced the likelihood of another senseless tragedy, now though remote, could happen again. The bedrock of this nation where Liberty, Justice, Education and Morality prevailed for over 200 years and now in just a span of 60 years or so there have been more senseless atrocities occurring. All because of an erosion of our four founding principles. Something to think about and act on before it is too late.

This piece of information is shared by Leonard Pozner whose six-year-old son, Noah, was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December 2012. In 2014, Leonard Pozner founded the Honr Network, an organization through which he brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of Hoaxer activity that perpetuates tragedies such as Sandy Hook and, if necessary, criminally and civilly prosecute those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high-profile tragedies and their family members.

You can learn more about the organisation by visiting here: http://www.honr. ...

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