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Workers Comp Funding

About Medical Funding Source, LLC
Workers Comp Funding
Workers Compensation Funding

Medical Funding Source, LLC is experts in providing different types of funding services It is a must for everybody to use workers compensation insurance these days.

With access to a one of a kind Investor Bidding Hub we supply providers with many qualified offers for their accounts receivables. Why spend a lot of time seeking funding options when our services will easily connect you to a multitude of Investors? In addition, we ensure a smooth transaction, quick payout and excellent customer service.
No more settling for the least on your Accounts Receivables! Whether you wish to sell your Workers Comp claims, Personal Injury cases and/or No Fault Invoices – Medical Funding International is the RIGHT CHOICE. Even if you only require short term lending (Factoring) on your outstanding AR – We can help. No credit checks and no financial statements are required.
For almost a decade, the unique Investor Bidding Hub has assisted medical providers of all kinds to improve their financial situation. Allowing them the opportunity to offer better services, purchase new equipment, increase staffing, expand facilities and eliminate debt. We understand that cash flow is at the heart of every business and our services can help your facility THRIVE.
Medical Funding Source offers a simplified process, free analysis of your A/R, no credit checks, multiple offers to choose from, fast payment and no obligation. Over 110k users have gone through the Hub and are extremely satisfied because we remain dedicated to providing stellar support before, during AND after sales.
Contact US Today to explore how RMF can specifically assist your business. See why so many of our providers utilize our services repeatedly. FREE CONSULTATION and there’s NO OBLIGATION.
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News Release: Workers Comp Funding
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