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With a laser marking machine, PCB can become so "Romantic"

The laser marking machine is widely used in many fields of electrical appliances, communications, precision instruments, electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical products, hardware tools, auto parts, plastic products, craft decorations, 3C industry is the ultra fine processing high-end market darling. As a familiar face in people's life, PCB benefits from laser precision processing, and various creative PCB models emerge in endlessly.

Love shape circuit board

Is there a Lincoln portrait on the circuit board?

A circuit board that can be a jewellery

A Lolita PCB

So many "play" method, which shows the wide application of PCB in our life. In electronic products, PCB board is an indispensable part, which is equivalent to human body and blood. Therefore, for PCB quality control is also more important. In order to control the whole process of PCB production, manufacturers will choose to use laser marking technology, spray two-dimensional code on each product, so that each product has a unique identity code. Through CCD automatic scanning and recognition, we can achieve many functions in papermaking, system staying awake, real-time data recording, quality tracing and other functions in product production cycle, ensuring that people, machines, materials, laws, processes and tools are all one-to-one correspondence.

With the light thinning trend of PCB, the range of printing two-dimensional code is becoming smaller and smaller. Under specific areas, it is usually required to be a two-dimensional code below 5x5mm. In some special uses, the high end bar code gun is read and the two-dimensional code of 1.5x1.5mm and even 0.8x0.8mm can be printed by laser marking technology. The unique fine processing of the green laser marking machine is also availa ...

News Release: With a laser marking machine, PCB can become so "Romantic"
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