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WicommFi is Ready to Launch its Wireless Range Extender in India

After successful launch of its products in the USA market, WicommFi is all set to release its
wireless range extender in India in Feb 2018. Wireless range extender is the best networking
device if a user wants to boost the wireless range in his home or office. This is the easiest setup device as it comes with a QR code printed on its front. The features, performance and reliability provided by the device bring users to the next level in networking.
Users’ today searches for an affordable and portable networking device that has the
capability to provide internet in all corners of their place. Keeping this thing in our mind, we have designed our product “WicommFi wireless range extender”. We want to give you an everlasting experience with our product. Our topmost priority.

About WicommFi

WicommFi has been serving their customers since past 7 years. It recently announced
the release of its networking products in the Indian market with a vision of providing
the best of everything to its customers. We manufacture products for your home,
business and Internet Service Providers. To make sure that our customers do not face
any issues with our device, we provide them free Technical support and services for 1

WicommFi Premium Range Extender
Our extender comes pre-installed with three operational modes; it can be used as a
Repeater, Router and an Access Point. For the first time QR code easy setup. You do
not need to use a computer; you can simply scan the code found on the front of the
extender and start the setup. Three indicator LED lights are also on the front to indicate the proper functioning of the extender. Get high speed and area coverage, even in the dead zones of your home with dual 5dbi antennas which are capable of providing the signal across the walls. No need to face lags while streaming 4k videos and playing online games. A WAN/LAN port is given to make hard wired connections to computer or smart TVs. A RST/WPS is also found on the bottom of the extender.
Performance and Portability

To surf internet for videos, audios, images, file transfer, playing online games and much more, users want more stable speed and coverage. So, WicommFi product is developed by keeping this thing in mind. For the first time, you will get device which is made by keeping customers need in mind. 

The Wireless range extender has Dual Realtek chipset which provides strong Wi-Fi signal. It features a powerful processor that delivers functionality found in high cost routers and the size of extender is also smaller. The extender is compatible with all the routers and operating systems.

Pricing and Availability

The product, Wireless extender is available at and also at This product comes under Amazon’s Choice in the USA. It is also
available at The price of the product in India is INR 3 ...

News Release: WicommFi is Ready to Launch its Wireless Range Extender in India
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