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Why use the cast iron teapot

How tea is brewed influences the final taste in a great manner. This is why different types of tea have different brewing times and it is important to take them in consideration. Many people choose to boil water in a regular kettle or using a ceramic teapot. However, the cast iron teapot is the traditional form of brewing tea, used for hundreds of years in Japan. Even herbal tea will have a different flavour.

Why is the cast iron teapot so special? The material has the advantage of heating up entirely at once. Water becomes hot and tealeaves are infused gradually, allowing people to get more flavour and benefit from all nutrients. Let us say that you are making tea and you will not drink it all at once. Cast iron retains warmth better, compared with clay or ceramic and this means that tea will be hot for a longer period. In addition, the material is more durable and it does not break that easily. If you choose to invest in it, you will have it for a long duration of time.

Nowadays, you can find teapots designed in many forms and of various capacities. You can buy a teapot for preparing one or two cups of tea or for more people at once. Cast iron can easily be moulded and they have interesting symbols on them. Brewing tea is a lot more interesting when you have the needed supplies and accessories. It is true that the price is higher for cast iron teapots, but the investment is worth it when you consider their durability and that you can have them for a lifetime. You can use it on your own or you can offer it as a gift to someone who loves drinking tea.

Different kinds of tea provide different benefits. Enjoying a hot cup of tea at any time of the day means pampering yourself and giving you a moment of relaxation. Herbal tea, for example, is extremely beneficial and it helps in so many cases. There are infusions that help fight nausea and bloating, headaches, insomnia, constipation; they can give you an overall health and energy boost. Drinking such tea is a great source of minerals and vitamins and you give your body the power to cope with everyday stress.

Drinking tea alone or with someone you care about is therapeutic as well and it helps you relax better and enjoy aromatherapy. Tea is packed in several ways, you can find the usual tea bags, but there is also the possibility of buying loose leaves. Choosing the right type depends on every person’s preferences. However, brewing and steeping tea instructions have to be considered every time. Choosing any type of tea for that matter is highly important. Providers have to offer high-quality ingredients and mention at all times how tea was resourced and what they are offering.

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