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Why RichFeel's TST+ should be your go-to solution for Hair fall

First signs of Hair loss….

The first signs of hair loss inevitably lead to a quiet mild panic attack. And when you don’t see it stopping, this turns into extreme anxiety. It’s a nightmare turning into reality. This is followed by varied hurried reactions - changing shampoo, conditioner, ‘magic’ oil massage, off-the-shelf hair fall serum, salon spa sessions...advises flowing freely from all around.

Know this feeling? Been through it? And see no light on the horizon?
This page is for you.

So, how do you truly combat the cumulative damage to your hair caused by all the stress, fashion, unhealthy lifestyle or diet, pollution around, your PCOD or thyroid?

Those of you who follow our blogs know our philosophy. Take efforts to understand the root problem first and treat it appropriately.

Our hair reacts swiftly to changes in our body. It is nourished directly by the bloodstream and any change in blood content on account of medication, hormones or lack of nutrients results in hair and scalp problems.

Hair fall is nothing more than a signal of distress from within the body. Once the signal is recognized and the reason for it determined and treated, the hair goes back to its normal pattern of shedding — which is so subtle that we may not even realize it is happening.

So, what is ‘normal hair fall’?

Hair loss cannot be quantified, hence in some cases losing 30–40 strands of hair in a day would be abnormal and in some losing 100 strands of hair would be normal.

One of the most important criteria for determining hair loss is to find out about the anagen-telogen ratio, the A/T ratio as we call it. This is the ratio of growth to ratio of fall, during the hair growth cycle. Our hair does go through this natural cycle of growth & fall, and as part of this process, we lose a certain amount of hair after the hair has completed its period of growth.

However, there is no fixed number of hair strands that one should normally lose. Excessive hair loss simply means losing more hair than one naturally loses and that is definitely a cause of concern. A trichologist can check this by calculating your A/T ra ...

News Release: Why RichFeel's TST+ should be your go-to solution for Hair fall
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