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Why most monthly SEO contracts don’t work?

Most monthly SEO contracts don’t cost much and this says a lot about them. Good SEO doesn’t come for cheap and this is where some of the SEO companies are able to fool their clients by offering such unbelievable rates. Now where some company is spending thousands of dollars per month on SEO and another is spending less than hundred dollars there has to be a difference in the outcome. Isn’t it plain to see?

What can you get for less than $100 a month? And that too in the SEO business? $100 is equivalent to about two or three hours of work. If it is outsourced to countries where labor is cheaply available it could at best go up to four or five hours. Now if your overall time spent on SEO is five hours in a month do you think you are going to get value out of it? Such monthly SEO contracts will not result in anything and here we are talking about top positions in Google.

But people still fall for such SEO gimmicks and why wouldn’t they? Many website owners are not even aware of what SEO is. For some of them it’s a fad and for others they invest in SEO because they see so many other websites invest in SEO. Sadly the investment is in wrong kind of SEO, namely monthly SEO contracts.

But this is not to say that monthly SEO contracts don’t work at all. If someone is able to choose a good SEO company there is no reason for them not to get value out of these SEO contracts that work on a monthly basis. The only difference is that these monthly contracts cost much more than $100 per month. If you are willing to make a substantial investment then you are going to get value out of these contracts. But again, you have to research the portfolios of some of the SEO companies and only choose monthly contracts of those that can make a difference to your website ranking.

SEO is about a lot of things – doing an in depth analysis of your website, optimizing the keywords, getting the content straightened up, building relevant links and marketing your website. All these are costly affairs. When you have a reliable SEO company as your partner they spend time on each of these activities. And this costs money. And hence, you don’t pay $100 per month but much more.

SEO is a lot about brand building for your website. Your competitors, your customers and the search engines need to look at your website in a favorable manner. If you spend money on this exercise the return on your investment comes to you in the form of more visitors, lesser bounce rate and more conversions. There is no harm spending money on getting such results.

Choose monthly SEO contracts very carefully. Do extensive research on SEO and what you get in monthly contracts. This is the only way to get value out of these contracts.

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News Release: Why most monthly SEO contracts don’t work?
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