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Why Content is King in a Website Project?

When developing a new website, you may get overwhelmed by the availability of fancy visual features. But the user doesn’t care about the beautiful appearance of the site as much as the content and ease of use. Regardless of what you want your website users to do – register, enroll or buy – it is the content that will make or break the effectiveness of your site.
Here are the most important factors that show how content can make your website design succeed or fail.
Plan Initial Content
As in any other project, the first step in building a website is to plan the content for your site. To plan content, you need to define the purpose of your site. For instance, if you are in the restaurant business, the main purpose of your website could be to enable visitors to make a reservation, easily and quickly.
Once you have defined the purpose of your site, you need to define your target audience. Extending the restaurant example, the audience for an Italian restaurant could be people looking for an excellent dining experience. So, your website should be able to illustrate excellence in the content too; maybe through an informative page about the tradition of the restaurant or a picture menu.
Create Content for your Audience
You can’t just copy content from your company brochure and put it on your website. A B2B website will be different from a website targeted to a retail audience. While you may need to showcase your products, specifications, white papers etc. for B2B customers, the language on your B2C website should enable your audience to quickly understand your offerings.
Easy to Follow Content
Reading on the web is different from reading a piece of paper. People typically browse and speed read pages, instead of reading every word. So it’s important to write content that allows them to do so. Remember to –
• Divide your text into short paragraphs, clearly defined by a heading and subheadings
• Use bullets and lists to highlight important information, followed by supporting details
• Use supporting elements, such as images and videos to make your content understandable and your site more visually appealing.
While visual content has taken a lead, it is important to keep a balance between text and visual elements, since text makes your website more likely to be found on search engines, such as Google.
Fresh and Relevant Content
Content updates are as important as content creation. Any changes in your business, such as the addition of a recipe to your restaurant menu or the new outdoor terrace, should be included on your site. B2B sites should offer information about the current or upcoming industry trends etc.
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