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Why Choose A Catamaran Sailboat?

What's a catamaran got that makes it different from other ships? It is a small boat, large boat or ship, made with just two hulls instead of a single.

The original design from long ago, was two logs bridged by boards. Users of this craft slowly improved and developed it until ancient catamarans were up to 70' long. These took a sizable crew to paddle them and in addition they took long journeys of 2000 miles or longer. Used quite frequently by raiding parties looking for food and more soil.

It had been at the latter half of the last century though, that fascination with their ability sparked the imagination of many boat builders and they began to construct the kind of catamaran we view now.

It would probably have happened almost a hundred years earlier except for a fit of the sulks by their only hulled cousins.

A catamaran was entered for and won the Centennial Regatta in the USA in 1876. The group of single-hulled owners threw up their hands in terror, insisting that this was a renegade kind of boat that broke all the rules of the sport and that its entrance should be wiped off the slate. That is what occurred; it was disqualified and curiosity about its design and capacities was quietly put to rest.

Elsewhere however, interest grew, and gradually now's catamarans were born. They consistently out-perform single-hull vessels in boat races. They are fast, and can achieve speeds of up to twenty mph.

Among their main drawbacks is the actual difficulty involved with righting them as soon as they capsize. Fortunately however, given their layout, this happens far more rarely than with a single-hulled ships, and it has not done anything to dampen the achievement of the boat now.

Large ferry companies frequently use them because their rate and carrying capacity make them the ideal means of transport across oceans where a large volume of visitors is demanded. One feature about them which is very different from single-hull ships is their design is based on geometry and not on gravity, so weight reduction isn't really a issue with catamar ...

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