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Which size Cobalt Saw Tips cobaltalloy do you supply ?

Cobalt-Chromium Alloy cobaltalloy tipped saws have shown to be able to:

•Increase run times.

•Cut with thinner kerf.

•Produce a smoother sawn surface.

•Reduce sawing variations - Better cutting accuracy. (allowing for tighter target sizes)

•Reduce the power consumption during cutting.

•Reduce the cutting downtime for saw changes and saw maintenance.

•Increased saw life due to the ability to achieve more sharpening and at longer intervals.

Co/Cr/W Alloy is also more resistant to the abrasive acids found in some woods like red cedar.This allows the tips to stay sharp longer than carbide tips and significantly longerthan swaged saw steel when cutting unseasoned woods.

We have produced more than 100 kinds of specifications tips and export to Canada, USA,France, New Zealand, Australia, Norway and Russia etc. more than 40 countries and areas.

Which size Cobalt Saw Tips cobaltalloy do you supply ?

We can manufacture Saw tips according to your drawings and demands. We can produce rectangular, triangle, specical-shaped saw tips .and we also can manufacture saw tips of U.S.A. standard and Europe standard


Welding on Circular saw and Band saws teeth to cut woods

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News Release: Which size Cobalt Saw Tips cobaltalloy do you supply ?
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