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What You Can Say What You Can Do

New York City, NY (January 3, 2018) Denim Day NYC opens the new year with stark collaborations with BK Style Foundation and The Chi Group to announce its first ever coffee table book, What You Can Say, What You Can Do, in order to align with this year’s theme #whatyoucansay #whatyoucando.
The project showcases photographs of survivors with messages that celebrate their experience and courage supporting Denim Day NYC’s initiatives of raising awareness to support survivors. This initiative is championed through a network of advocates, community organizations, city council members, and city agencies.
The Photographer Trudy Giordano will capture these powerful moments for What Can You Say, What Can You Do. Giordano was trained in film then later moved to digital, she was always fascinated by the science and art of photography at early age. She’s known to capture social habits and advocacy in fashionable styles with a powerfully profound presence.
Karin Bosman is named brand ambassador representing What Can You Say Netherlands Bosman is the founder of international organization AWH, victim of sexual workplace harassment and Dutch figurehead in combating sexual harassment in politics, education and corporate situations. Advisor and keynote speaker for multinationals and universities to create awareness and help to define recognize and prevent sexual harassment from happening.
Denim Day NYC @denimdaynyc
"Peace Over Violence (POV), a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, organized the first Denim Day event in 1999. Wearing jeans on Denim Day became a visible means of protest against myths that surround sexual assault. Under POV’s leadership, the Denim Day campaign became an international movement. Every year in April, in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Denim Day NYC stands in solidarity with advocates around the world to raise awareness about sexual violence."For more information visit
BK Style Foundation @bkstylefoundation
BK Style Foundation (BKSF) was founded in 2004 as a platform to support creative talent, BK Style Foundation (BK|SF) lends a voice to social causes like human rights and civil liberties, HIV/AIDS awareness, poverty, and community development by partnering with organizations like Denim Day NYC, which raises awareness for sexual assault and domestic violence. Art in Motion Show, Beauty for Freedom, Soles4Souls Foundation, MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation, Colel Chabad and other nonprofit organizations along with advocates to help raise awareness for social causes, community development, and leadership programs. For more information visit
The Chi Group @thechigroup
Founded in 2015 by Connie Chi, The Chi Group was created to help revolutionize the future of brands. Our branding agency humanizes brands through experiences while focusing on unique strategic partnerships. We work with global clients in fashion, spirits/liquors, health & wellness, food, hospitality, events, and entertainment. For more information visit
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