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What is wall art prints?

The wall art prints are made with natural cotton fibers and printed with eco-solvent inks. Its semi-matte finish is perfect to reproduce artistic, landscape or advertising images, as well as to turn your photos into works of art.

They can be made in the small or large format, depending on the use to which they are intended. It is appropriate to mount them in racks, with one, two or three faces.

What is wall art prints for?

The custom beautiful artwork prints are ideal for religious hangings, paintings or posters printed with the combination of images and text you want for your home or business. art printing is of such quality that it is suitable for any type of business, both to decorate its establishments and to carry out luxurious coatings, as well as to value works of art, paintings or posters of all kinds.

Advantages of the wall art prints:

You should buy art prints. The art prints which gives relief to the painting, allows adding an extra to the image that is captured, because its semi-matte finish perfectly reproduces all kinds of artistic or advertising images, giving your images the appearance of works of art.

Characteristics of a wall art prints:

High quality.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

The wall art prints of Eco printing:

Eco printing customizes the canvas by printing in eco-solvent inks of the image that the client wishes by direct printing on canvases polyester or the natural canvas similar to cotton, to later be fixed in a frame and placed in any space.

From Eco printing, we offer a professional and realistic finish, similar to the one that would have the original handmade image, which will allow you to place it, either in small size or in wall format, on any wall of your business, home or premises or in small exhibitors. , making a big difference in the place where it is placed.

The fantasy art prints will arrive rolled, without a frame, with optional perimeter stitching and fastening tapes.

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