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Photoconductivity is an important indicator of the photosensitive drum, it directly affects the quality of the print quality. Because the photosensitive drums work continuously during charging and discharging cycles, the potential rise speed is faster and the surface saturation potential is higher than the application potential. On the contrary, in the discharge is also true.
B. Good temperature stability. The performance of light conductors is susceptible to temperature, so the use of laser printers in the special emphasis on the use of the environment to have the appropriate temperature and humidity, otherwise it will affect the print quality.
C. Good wear resistance. Light conductor surface to have a certain hardness, to be able to withstand the development of the transfer process and the mechanical wear and tear. If the drum is worn or scratched, it will lead to a drop in print quality or damage the drum. Serious, scrapped.
D. Fatigue resistance. Drum drum in the course of repeated charging and discharging, and therefore have a good fatigue resistance, to ensure that the provisions of the use of time, print quality is not due to continuous use and decline. The basic working process of the photosensitive drum can be divided into seven steps: charging, exposure, developing, transferring, fixing, cleaning and eliminating electricity.
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Common laser printer drum drum according to the combination of ways can be divided into the following three categories:
l, one type. Toner cartridges, development rollers and [url=]toner cartridges[/url] are integrated into one cartridge. Released earlier this kind of cartridge in the design structure in principle does not allow users to add canon printer cartridges, but with the technical update. Such cartridges can also add toner. But the procedure is complicated.
2, two body. Refers to the toner cartridge for two separate parts: part of the photosensitive drum. The other part is the drum and the toner cartridge. After the user runs out of toner, only need to replace the drum and toner cartridge, without replacing the drum.
3, three-body style. Refers to the drum for the three separate parts: photosensitive drum, drum, toner cartridges. After the user runs out of toner, just replace the toner cartridge. In most cases, the separation can save money, multi-body installation, maintenance and replacement easier.

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