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What is difference between SQL and PL-SQL?

SQL : Structures Query Language used to perform only DDL, DML, DQL, TCL & DCL..So on but in day today day life SQL is not sufficient to solve our problems.
PL/SQL: Procedural Language Structured Query Language is an extension for SQL.
1. Language
• SQL is a structured language support looping and conditional statements.
• PL/SQL is a procedural language supports looping and conditional statements, such as (range base loops, condition base loops ).

2. Execution:
• In SQL we cannot execute one or more that one statement at a time.
• Where as in PL/SQL we can execute number of statements, with the use of (procedures, functions, packages, cursors…..)
3. Error Messages:
• SQL always gives system error messages while any wrong transaction. Users cannot understand these system error messages.
• Whereas with PL/SQL , we can convert these system error messages into user friendly error messages with the excellent concept called EXCEPTION HANDLING.
4. Code Reusability
• SQL doesn’t support code reusability, it means we need to write insert , update, delete, select each and every time.
• Where as in PL/SQL supports code reusability. it means writing the code only one time and reusing the same code again and again whenever u want to do the same operations.
5. Interaction
• SQL interacts with a Database server
• Pl/SQL has no interaction with the database server

6. Example
• PL/SQL - CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE hello AS BEGIN dbms_output.put_line('Hello World!'); END;

In short day life problems cannot be solved or difficult to solve by just using SQL.
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