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What is advance Java?

Core java contains the fundamental for java that will be used in any java
technology without this no one can jump on any advance java technology. It will take you through what is Java, features, OOPS concept, threading, exception, package, collections, JDBC concept. These all are very basic concept and using this you can develop the simple stand alone applications.
"Core Java” means "stand -alone" java applications whereas “Advanced java”means java applications that runs on servers i.e., these are the “web applications"."Advanced Java" contains Servlet programming, Web Services, the Java Persistence API, etc.
Advance java comprises mainly of three things:
1. JSP: JSP stands for Java Server Pages. JSP is used to build up forms. it’s used as a view part of the MVC model. if somebody don’t know to wrote the code in JSP they can directly use JavaScript or HTML with CSS
2. SERVLET: Servlet is the controller part of MVC model. this is used to read the content of data whatever is coming from the view part. Eg: reading form data . I someone doesn’t know how to write servlet code then they can go for frameworks like Spring MVC
3. JDBC: This is the model part of the MVC model. this is used for getting connected with database and performing database operations like storing and retrieving data. if someone doesn’t know how to write database code then they can go for a framework called Hibernate. Other frameworks include Spring, Apache Struts, Spark, Vaadin etc.

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