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What are the Classifications of Spa?

Urban Spa:
Also known as a Day spa and commonly located in a city centre, shopping centre, health club, hotel, airport or department store and only provides day treatments. It is one of the least expensive methods to enjoy a spa experience.

Destination Spa:
This comprises of a short stay at the spa. It is meant to improve your health and usually located at the site of mineral waters or hot springs. It is also found in exotic locations worldwide. It also includes healthy diet, physical activities and education in all aspects of health. This type of spa is more suitable for a single spa goer.

Medical Spa:
This spa provides all the regular spa treatments along with focusing on some specialized treatments which are administered by a medical practitioner only. These treatments include: Botox, medical peels, laser, dermal fillers and microdermabrasion.

Hotel/Resort Spa:
This type of spa is increasing in popularity day by day where the hotel has a spa within it. These days, a traveler wants more than a room and boarding. The hotel spa differs in sizes from a small country house to big hotels offering different spa facilities such as wet rooms, sauna, swimming pools etc.

Cruise Ship Spa:
This spa is situated aboard a luxury cruise liner and offers the same facilities as the regular spas including; spa float, thalassotherapy, mud wraps, seaweed, thermal treatments and hydrotherapy.

Thermal or Mineral Spa:
These spas are built around naturally appearing mineral waters and are usually present in mountainous locations. They are famous for 'taking' the water for improving health along with giving many beneficial spa treatments.

Eco Spa:
This type of spa offers organic treatments and is environmentally friendly due to the materials used for building the spa and its energy saving techniques in the daily running of the spa.

Ayurveda Spa:
This specializes in ayurvedic treatments and is useful in preventing and healing diseases and their symptoms along with boosting the immune system. The Ayurveda spa treatments are customized according to individual client's needs following a consultation with the physician. The treatment program also comprises of yoga and meditation.

Thalassotherapy Spa:
Warm sea water is used in this type of spa as it has curative benefits. It also helps in relaxation, detoxification, de-stressing, and calms aches and pains for treating insomnia. The sea water and its derivatives also help in restoring the body's natural chemical balance.

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