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What are OEM and ODM?

SUNDA electronic Co.,LTD offer OEM and ODM service.SUNDA responsible for designing and building a product according to customer’s own specifications, produces and markets the product under customer’s own brand name.

SUNDA ODM service is responsible for designing and building a product as per another company’s specifications, open mould , design PCBA , make interior structure , complete product mass production.

An advantage of ODM is that the purchasers can obtain products without setting up a factory. In a sense, ODM helps the purchasing companies to lower their production ,marketing and design costs.

What is car charge?

USB car charger is a small gadget that plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter/accessory port, and provides one or more powered USB sockets.

What are the parameters of car charge?

At present, there are two kinds of input voltage in our product: dc10v-18v and dc10-24v. Product in former input voltage range can only be used in the car: if the actual voltage is out of range, then there will be a risk of burning up the car. SUNDA electronic co.,ltd car charger input voltage range can be used both in cars and trucks.

Why are there different output currents?

Since most of the current electronic devices use USB socket interface, the Type-C interface is only 15 years old. Therefore, our car charger also uses the USB interface as an output interface to meet the requirements of use.

About charger output voltage?

1. The international standard voltage of ordinary USB is: 4.75-5.25V [this is also the output voltage range of SUNDA car charger .

2. The output standard voltage of the fast charge Qc2.0 are: 5V. 9V. 12V third gear. The working principle of fast charge QC2.0: (mobile phone or mobile device must support fast charge 2.0 protocol). The fast car charger automatically adjusts its output mode according to the mobile phone end identification, and increases the output voltage and current to increase the charging power to achieve fast charging.

3. What is QC charger , Quick charger ?

4. SUNDA QC car charger ,Fast charge QC3.0 output standard is 3.6V-12V, and compatible with QC2.0 and common equipment (mobile phones or mobile devices must support fast charge 3.0 protocol), It will be in 200mV increments, increasing the charging speed, while effectively reduce energy heat loss.

The specific working principle: When the QC3.0 charger is connected to the mobile phone or mobile device, the charger will automatically detect the charged device. When charging, the output voltage is not high, and then gradually increase, and the output voltage and current are increased. The charging power is increased to achieve the purpose of fast charging. This intelligent upshifting method can better optimize the charging method, because if the voltage is mentioned as high, there will be a lot of power loss in the middle, which will be dissipated as heat energy.

5. The "USB Power Delivery Specification (USB PD)" is a standard that can supply up to 100W of power using the USB interface. At present, the USB PD standard is divided into 10W, 18W, 36W, 60W and 100W five-level "Specifications". The voltage is 5V, 12V and 20V, and the current is 1.5A, 2A, 3A and 5A. This flexible configuration allows various electronic devices. It can meet the power supply requirements through a USB cable. It can not only supply power to mobile devices, but also directly supply power to notebooks and monitors, and it can realize two-way charging, which means that two computers can be charged by USB cable connection. SUNDA have produce the PD car charger and PD wall charger from 18W ,30W ,45W to 60W .

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