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Wallpaper borders Interior Design: How to Handle Problem Areas.

How often do you enter a room and find certain details or areas that you feel good about? Are there areas in your own home that you find nice or appealing? In interior design, these are good features of a room. There is a decorating philosophy that goes, "Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative". By following this basic interior design philosophy you can highlight the positive or good features of the room and come up with a pleasing design scheme. Let's say you have a Wallpaper borders beautiful fire place in your living room. This is a good feature and often a fireplace is used as a focal point in interior design.
Wallpaper borders - The first thing you want to do is accentuate this good feature by making it the focus of attention and building a conversation area around it.
It is rather easy to notice the positive details of any given room, making the task of accentuating the positive features easier, but how do you deal with the problem areas? The interior design philosophy teaches us to eliminate the negative and when it is impossible to eliminate it, just camouflage it. Do you have any area in your home that you wish doesn't exist or is it in a particular architectural style that doesn't go with your own personal taste nor does it has pillars or columns that are distracting?
Here are some possibilities of problem areas that you might have in your home and how to deal with these.
How would you deal with a Wallpaper borders a distracting column?
• You can make it disappear by installing cabinets that will fill the spaces on either side of it. This will make the column appear as if it were part of the straight wall because it is already in line with the cabinet's face.
• If your area is big enough and you can afford to lose some space, just simply build a new wall that runs across the face of the column.
• The simplest and least expensive way is to paint the wall and column with one color, making the column blend into the wall and thus make it appear less obvious.
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