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Vyakar Presents Lead Routing Solution

Santa Clara, CA (Tuesday, January 22, 2018, 5:00 am PST) - Vyakar announces advanced Business to Business lead routing software across CRM and Marketing automation platforms. The lead routing software combines the power of machine learning, data standardization and proprietary lead to account matching. It helps standardizing business acronyms and implements data governance to align sales and marketing.

Most of existing read routing solutions are mix of complex custom workflow or cumbersome flowcharts. Vyakar lead router provides intuitive user interface to help customize routing configuration to customer’s specific needs. Simply put, it is the most simple, yet most sophisticated B2B lead routing software out today.

Vyakar lead router is capable of solving almost all lead routing needs based on the organizational structure and desired business rules. The process is intuitive, without unnecessary complications. The router works by integrating cutting-edge AI-based machine learning business-use cases and a lead-account matching engine in one simple solution. Our lead routing solution for sales operations involve data normalization and standardization. As a result, businesses get to generate and manage their leads with much greater efficiency. Lead router also helps scrubbing competitors, implementing data governance; opportunity status based lead routing, partner lead routing, account based lead routing, advanced geographical mapping, and so much more.

The Vyakar’s B2B lead routing technology is platform agnostic and can be integrated with CRM of your choice with open APIs. This allows users to integrate the technology across multiple platforms and to include it in their data management strategy with greater success. In order to learn more about lead routing, the technology, and other services, feels free to contact Vyakar’s customer support at 1844-321-LEAD (5323).

About Vyakar: Vyakar is a Santa Clara, CA based company offering services in Lead Routing, Marketing Segmentation and Lead to Account matching. We use set of complex rules, dictionary and machine learning to deliver business results. Our products are integrated with major marketing automation systems and CRM, as well as designed to work standalone using web services for custom use cases.

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News Release: Vyakar Presents Lead Routing Solution
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