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VoIP Phones for small businesses can be the next big thing in India.

Cyber city, Bhubaneswar, 21st September 2017
VoIP simply is not that much known among the common man of India but still, it has a great future lying ahead in this country of mouse charmers. Yes, the way the 'make in India campaign' is going on it can be said that the future is VoIP in India for small businesses.
“I dream a digital India where high-speed digital highways unite the nation,” Says the honorable prime minister of India NarendraModi. Though it doesn’t reflect anything directly on VoIP technology, still we can imagine VoIP as the real digital highway to unite 1.2 billion people together.
The IT revolution in India had already come during the period of the former prime minister late Shree Rajiv Gandhi but it didn’t succeed that much in encouraging the small businesses in India. But that was the beginning of a new dawn that has made skype, Whatsapp and Viber like many VoIP providing apps popular among the majority of Indians.
“Indians talk more, so VoIP Phones have a great future in India” a friend of mine from Paris had said last year while we were discussing VoIP providers in France. Be that as it may, a VoIP phone is a very simple gadget that uses a high-speed Internet connection to make calls all across the globe. A VoIP phone by its cheaper call rates, low maintenance, reliability, and reachability can give a small business the proper atmosphere to grow. We all know how badly the Indian economy has been affected due to the downfall in small business sectors.
To the World Bank's latest edition of the Global Economic Prospects, India is the fourth fastest growing economy in the world and I think VoIP technology can be that highway to allow small businesses to reach their ultimate goal which is the backbone of India.
"India's digital economy is currently $400 billion and in the coming 5-7 years, it is going to become a $1-trillion economy," said the IT minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad at a session organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce. So let’s hope that VoIP providers will be encouraged in India by our system because this newly formed Modi government seems to be doing something different than the past governments. We have 65% of our population below the age of thirty-five now, so this is the opportunity that we can utilize to bring a great change across India. When all these small businesses shall be equipped with VoIP connections, the VoIP industry will grow as well as all other enterprises will rise flawlessly.
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News Release: VoIP Phones for small businesses can be the next big thing in India.
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