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Vapourtech™: Comfortable garment during hunting

Comfortable garment is a must during a hunting activity. Being comfortable during hunting is important because it can affect your performance during an activity. If the weather is too warm it’s a mismatch to have clothing without breathability and moisture control. Introducing Vapourtech™, a high performance garment that assures you of breathability and perfect moisture control. No need to worry about warm or humid weather and sweating profusely during hunting Vapourtech™ works through a special and unique technical process with its synthetic breathable polymers put in place during the first yarn weaving stage which bonds them to the fibre permanently. Ordinary materials could not compare to this technology. The synthetic breathable polymer interwoven to the Vapourtech™ is a permanent treatment. It does not wash out during the lifetime of the hunting garment.
How can Vapourtech™ help you during your hunting activity? Hunting during weather that begins with freezing temperature progressively becoming warmer as the sun rises and as you move forward through sharply rising and falling gullies or canyons, your body becomes warmer and formation of sweat will begin for your body to cool itself then you find a good shade or elevation and decide to pause or take a break however you remain dry and comfortable thanks to Vapourtech™ garments .
A good hunting garment should always be comfortable whether the temperature is freezing or scorching hot. Ordinary hunting garment is usually made of cotton, straight polyester & cheaper imitation polyester based apparel which unfortunately keeps moisture and may even take longer to dry including almost no insulation during colder temperature.With the new technology of Vapourtech™ you are kept dry whether during freezing or humid weather. Your body regulates your temperature comfortable because of the breathability and permanent moisture wicking.

With the typical hunting garment, the fabrics with warmer layers are used as opposed to thinner clothing to keep the body warm and minimize the excessive sweating however the Vapourtech™ apparel range keeps you dry and warm during both freezing and warm weather. Hunting requires one not to stay in a single location regardless of the external condition and the weather. This is how our apparel with its unique technology can keep you comfortable and dry. Do not let inadequate clothing ruin your experience and enjoyment of the hunt. Choose a hunting garment that can help you regulate your body’s temperature well.

Hunt in comfort from any point of location from the Alpine High Country of Victoria to the flood plains of Arnhem land equipped with the flexibility and adaptability of the Vapourtech™ apparel range.

Our Vapourtech™ range comes in three forms: Vapourtech™ MICRO, Vapourtech™ THERMAL and Vapourtech™ FLEECE. Each type of apparel are designed and developed uniquely. If you are looking for long or short sleeved styles designed to minimize your experience of heat even during the warmest climates then the Vapourtech™ MICRO is the right fit for you. For a year round base layer during cooler weather, the Vapourtech™ Thermal that comes with a long sleeve Zip Neck Shirt together with full length leggings and form fitting beanies, is your best choice. While Vapourtech™ FLEECE is an outer layer during the Winter months to provide you with warmth. It is available in a long sleeve Zip Neck Hoodie. Check out our amazing Vapourtech™ range of garments only at ...

News Release: Vapourtech™: Comfortable garment during hunting
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