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Van City Doors Talks About Different Garage Door Issues In Winter & How To Tackle Them

Snowy weather and cold winter temperatures can be tough on the exterior of your home, prompts for damage to the windows, roof, doors, and seals if you aren’t following a proper preventative maintenance schedule. However, a lot of homeowners don’t comprehend that these harsh conditions can also cause havoc on their overhead door.
“There’re a few problems that your garage door may experience, during the harsh condition. However, you can avoid the expensive garage door repair in Vancouver BC if you can keep your eyes open for the warning signs” said a spokesperson of Van City Doors. Let’s find out what are warning signs:

Broken springs:

Wintry temperatures can make metal to become hard & fragile, including the torsion springs. If you’re facing problem opening your overhead door & it feels bulky, your spring may have broken. Only an expert garage door professional should replace your broken spring. This the most difficult garage door repair task among all.

Seals & weather stripping:

As you drive into your garage, your automobile tires bring water and snow in with them. Furthermore, snow hoards up outside your overhead door during winter blizzards. In both of the cases, the humidity sticks to the weather stripping or seal at the foot of the overhead door. When you try to open the garage door, the seal may shred & detach from the base. Sweep the snow away from the region as frequently as possible to avoid needing expensive weather seal replacement services.

Garage door drive track:

Well, the drive tracks are the 2 long strips on each side of your overhead door that guide it into place as it raises & lowers. When the door becomes obstructed by debris, it will jam. Keep the drive track free of debris by brushing them frequently, particularly throughout winter when salt and sand are employed to takeoff ice and snow on roads.

Door opener batteries:

Chilled weather can do funny things with the batteries in your opener. Due to the extreme cold during winter, the ability of the batteries to produce electricity, reduces to the extent that it’ll function no longer. This can be pretty annoying after a long drive through a chilled wintery night. If the extreme cold causes your battery to run flat, it needs instant warming up. Try to keep your remote door opener in a dry and warm place and this could be your pocket, or in your glove box.
Winter can be a difficult time for those of us who are not ready for it. The ideal way to make sure your overhead door does not encounter any of these issues mentioned above, this winter is to have your garage door serviced or repaired by garage door repair professional like Van City Doors. For any type of garage door repair in Vancouver BC, feel free to call us on 778-588-9549.

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News Release: Van City Doors Talks About Different Garage Door Issues In Winter & How To Tackle Them
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