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Use Rubber-Cal’s Coupon Code to Get 35% off on Custom Flooring Mat Cuts

Santa Ana, USA, Feb 2018 - Rubber-Cal, one of the leading industrial rubber product distributors, offers a range of recycled products made entirely from rubber. From doormats to industrial heavy-duty rubber, Rubber-Cal has many products available at a discounted price and with great features. You can now get custom cut flooring mats made from Elephant Bark rubber at 35% off regular price by using the Coupon Code 118EB. Don't miss this opportunity to order these rubber flooring mat cuts at a great value low price.

Here are some of the top reasons why investing in these Elephant Bark mat cuts from Rubber-Cal is the best decision you can take:

Elephant Bark is a popular rubber flooring mat product from Rubber-Cal designed to provide value for money. The mat cuts are designed using the recycled rubber of American car tires. These are among the best-selling eco-friendly products on offer from Rubber-Cal. The matting products also contain EPDM rubber offering a UV protection feature. Some of the other benefits of using these rubberized flooring mat cuts include:

• Value for Money: Rubber-Cal is known for producing eco-friendly products that represent great value for money. The best part is these rubber flooring mats are three different thickness ranges. You can get these mat cuts with 5mm thick, 6.4 mm, and 9.5mm thick, to suit a variety of different needs.

• Easy to Install and Clean: These cut mats are easy to install without professional help. If you want to have a permanent installation of the flooring mats, then a glue adhesive is the ideal product. These mats carry enough weight to keep it flat against a flooring surface.

• Excellent Durability: Elephant Bark rubber flooring mats are known for their durability and can even be used in harsh conditions. Whether you are looking for industrial flooring or gym flooring, these rubber mats are one of the best options and can last for years. Rubber-Cal's Elephant Bark cut mats are used across the country.

If you are looking to buy the tough and durable Elephant Bark mats, don't miss the opportunity to get 35% off by using the coupon code. For more information visit:

About The Brand

Founded in 1994, Rubber-Cal is a leading industrial rubber company in the US, offering state-of- the-art products including floor mats, industrial rubber sheets, flexible ducting, and rubberized flooring solutions. Their products are known across the market for being high in quality and affordability. They frequently come up with various lucrative deals and discounts on their signature products as well, making it easy for clients to make bulk purchases for protecting their floors.

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News Release: Use Rubber-Cal’s Coupon Code to Get 35% off on Custom Flooring Mat Cuts
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