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Unique ideas For Diamond Engagement Rings

Brisbane, 19th January 2018: Diamonds are considered a women’s best friend and most cherished possession. Buying the perfect diamond engagement rings in Brisbane is a huge step for most men. It is often a confusing and daunting experience for most men. Here we will provide some simple and straight-forward advice for men to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring.
Understand the difference between diamond shape and diamond cut
The shape of the diamond in custom jewellery in Gold Coast refers to the outline shape of the diamond that we can view from the top. Some of the most popular diamond shapes are oval, round, pear, princess, etc.
The diamond cut refers to the symmetry and the measurement of the diamond. The diamond cut determines how much the diamond will sparkle, so it has an important impact on the appearance and diamond quality.

Unique Ideas for Diamond Engagement Rings

• Vintage Ring Design- If your partner loves vintage design then you can select a unique, handcrafted vintage engagement ring for her.

• Add Unique Shaped Diamond- It is sometimes difficult to accommodate a unique-shaped diamond in standard ring settings, but an expert jeweller could undoubtedly make sure that the diamond you want will be appropriately placed into a setting.

• Using one-of-a-kind setting- If you are a creative person, then you can work with a design team to think of a custom ring setting that is different from anything else you've seen before. You could mix and match various metals to give the setting a fashionable look or twist and turn metal to make the ring different.

• Add Small Symbolic Details- Adding small symbolic detail is a great way to give the engagement ring a personal touch. You could add a love knot on the bottom of the ring, or you can add a small gemstone or diamond on the inside of the ring that only you and she will know ab ...

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