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UIC Keeping the Gaming Industry Abreast with New Payment Trends By Offering Cashless Payment Solutions

Fremont, California – 1/23/2018: UIC’s revolutionary cashless payment solutions allow gamers to make seamless micro-transactions without stopping their gaming streams. Cashless payment solutions allow the gaming industry to save time and energy which can be invested in something more productive.
“By removing the aspect of cash in games, we are breaking new grounds in the gaming industry”, a spokesperson for the company recently stated. “We have an array of cashless payment solutions that make micro-transactions simpler and quicker. Gamers and businesses alike don’t have to waste countless hours on balancing cash as our system makes that aspect of financial transactions completely redundant. Our cashless payment system guarantees a positive cash flow as credit is preloaded into the cards which massively increases the efficiency of these transactions.”
UIC is really helping its reputation of being an innovator in the field of alternative payment schemes with the company’s decision to go all in as far as cashless payment solutions are concerned. The year’s Nilson Report states in no uncertain terms that conventional forms of payment like payments made via checks are going to suffer a 46% decrease from 2013 to 2018. This means that a lot of people will be looking at other, simpler methods of payment for completing financial transactions.
By establishing itself as a major player in the field of cashless payments, UIC is bound to profit from its prudent decision. With more and more people turning to alternating payment solutions, it’s fair to say that UIC can expect a massive increase in the company’s clientele in the near future.
“The great thing about our cashless payment solutions is that they’re completely safe and secure”, the spokesperson continued. “The reliability of our services in unparalleled, which is why we’ve managed to secure companies like Visa, MasterCard and IBM as our clients. These companies expect a certain level of performance from our systems and we never disappoint which is why our clientele continues to expand every single day.”
UIC offers many different payment solutions to the gaming industry like Hybrid Card Readers, MSR Readers, and Decoder Chips, etc. which makes them a good option for gamers and game developers alike. All these amazing services and its admirable customer support system are the main reasons how the company is able to boast such high levels of customer satisfaction.
About The Company:
Founded in 1983, Uniform Industrial Corporation has quickly established itself as one of the leading professional design and manufacture service provider. Throughout the years, the company has picked up multiple awards for its diverse range of products. UIC’s portfolio includes but is not limited to Near Field Communication (NFC) products, EMV payment systems, and PCI approved PINpad, etc. The company encourages customer interaction via its official website.
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Address: 47341 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538, USA.
Phone: +1 510 438 6799
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News Release: UIC Keeping the Gaming Industry Abreast with New Payment Trends By Offering Cashless Payment Solutions
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